The Advantages Of Listening To A Powerful Subliminal Talk

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

If you listen to a speaker on subliminal talk, you will become aware of how our unconscious mind rules our behaviour. We learn how persuasive repetitions heard through recordings can affect the environment below the threshold of consciousness. We also learn to exploit talents, potentialities and capacities with self-actualization. This is the reason why many people look for subliminal message recordings to encourage specific behavioural change. This may be to get over a particular phobia or anxiety or to become more positive and boost one’s confidence.

There are various companies that offer subliminal free download to let you know how it works. Not everyone is convinced of this sort of messaging for improving or changing their behaviour or mind-set. However, the brain is a complex organ and studies on the subject reveal that Neuro-science evolved in 1990 and today focuses on subliminal messaging with advanced technologies to understand social interactions, cognitive behaviour and unconscious sensory perception. Many schools that concentrate on Behavioural therapy also use subliminal messages to help the student achieve certain goals.

Try to invest in subliminal CDs on topics that concern you and listen to these recordings for at least eight to ten hours at night as the brain is more receptive and accepts the repetitions favorably. This does not mean that you cannot listen to it when you are driving or in the day. You can try to look for a subliminal download on the internet for free from a reputed company and see how it works. You can purchase these CDs online and select a topic that interests you. You will find many CDs specifically targeted for men and different ones for women. They may focus on various topics and you can find one that will help change your way of thinking and perhaps transform your lives.

For instance, if you are a confirmed alcoholic and trying to get out of the addiction, you can select a subliminal talk that will send repeated affirmations that will convince you that you can give up the craving and soon your behavioral pattern toward alcohol will change and you will try your best to refrain from drinking heavily. A person who is scared of swimming may also listen to a CD on this topic and get over his fear of water. The internet is full of interesting examples and stories of people who listen to these subliminal messages and find happiness when they are able to solve a problem with confidence after repeatedly listening to a particular CD.

There may be twenty to forty affirmations recorded in a subliminal message. You should ensure that you listen to the program after setting the CD at the right pitch. Since it is not audible, you have to ensure that the pitch is right so that you can hear the messages when you place your ear close to the speakers. You will notice results within two to eight weeks and notice how these recordings improve your cognitive behavior and the way you interact in public.


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