Team Motivation Strategies: Improvement

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Whether or not we, as individuals or as a team, are to achieve our goals is often decided by our motivation levels. This is what drives us on and, scientifically; it is known to affect more than just the human race. Some people say that people are born with a motivated mind set, and this may seem true in some cases. However, people also class people as born leaders and motivators and your motivation as a leader can be just important as somebody’s personal motivation levels.

In businesses you have your team-building days, you have funny tie Fridays, you overhaul your systems or whatever you do, but are they just myths or do they actually work? If performance is down, or not at an acceptable level, then unmotivated staff could well be the problem.


You have to have assessed your motivation levels before you can go about trying to improve them. The first thing to do with regards to increasing the motivation levels of your staff is to consider how to approach the matter. Often a frank discussion with all levels of your business, or your team to you, can show how individuals and management view the tasks and the company and determine what needs to change.

Identifying the issues is often something that people have a problem with, although this isn’t only limited to identifying motivation levels. You need to look to bring any issues into the open so that you can form a plan of how to deal with them.

Assess the personalities of your team members. Do you need a sub-team leader? Is there somebody who can help motivate? What’s the reason for the issues? Are you not getting the best out of your staff?

Try not to allow negatives to create tensions among the workplace. Be honest with people; let them feel safe, important and respected within the company. At the same time, don’t be too honest – always try to be positive.

Involve your team to be involved the ideas for the next project. Offer rewards for the best worker or, if your workforce is really close then maybe offer a team treat. Set goals for the team; let them know what needs to be achieved and how they can do this simply.

Respect is a big part of a motivated employee. This often comes with involvement, you don’t know everything so why not build relationships with people and get them playing a role in the major decisions. Don’t be afraid to let the staff represent the company. This is a huge responsibility, but also one that will show them your confidence and build their self-esteem levels.

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