Take an Aptitude Test!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

Before going deep into the term ‘aptitude test’, it is better to first understand the term ‘aptitude’ properly. In a layman’s term, aptitude is an inborn quality or is qualities of a person that help the person in doing certain kind of activity or activities at a certain level.

It may be physical aptitude like an athletic bent or mental aptitude like inclination towards mathematics. It is very important to note that aptitude should not be confused with achievement or knowledge because the latter is gained in a person’s lifetime.

How is aptitude test related to a student’s career option? There are a few career guidance companies in India that conduct career assessment tests for students so that they can opt for the right career choice. This career assessment test comprises three sections and aptitude test is one among them. Depending on the different parameters that each career guidance company adopts, aptitude test can vary. Generally, an aptitude test includes various sections like:

Mechanical reasoning- It measures how well a person can understand mechanical principles.

Spatial Relations- It measures how well a person can visualize or think in three dimensions.

Verbal reasoning- It measures how well a person can reason with words.

Numerical ability- It measures how well a person can reason using numbers.

Language usage- It measures how well a person can recognize and use Standard English grammar and punctuation.

Work knowledge- It measures how well a person can understand the meaning and precise use of words.

Perceptual speed and accuracy- It measures how well a person perceives small detail rapidly and accurately.

The aptitude test is generally measured in a scale of 1-10 and the result is mostly given in graphs. The test result will show the innate or inborn qualities a student possesses. By assessing the aptitude test result along with other sections of the career assessment test like personality and interest, a career counselor will reveal a clear picture of a student’s career options.

It is a fact that a person will get job satisfaction and enjoy a better career prospect if he or she chooses a career that suits his or her personality, interest and aptitude. Remember, if you have an inborn talent for music, a career related to it, like musician or music teacher will be the best career option for you.

As mentioned, a few renowned career guidance companies conduct career assessment test using scientific tools. You can take the test online (that includes the aptitude test ) after paying the required fee and within a few days, you will get the result that will show the right career options for you.

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