Symptoms Of Alcoholism

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Alcoholism, nowadays, prevails in all age groups and in all categories of society, irrespective of color, cast or creed. Of course, alcoholism, except followed on medical grounds is thought to be a viece and not a virtue in society. Symptoms of alcoholism, more or less, are same every where.

The symptoms of alcoholism may be categorized into
1.Physical symptoms and
2.Behavioral symptoms
3.Asymptotic symptoms
4.Clinical symptoms .

However, hardly there exists a remarkable dead line between Physical and Behavioral symptoms. Exposure of any of these symptoms and the level of these symptoms born/exhibited by an individual may be different according to the age of person, his endurance to “being used to”, quantity of liquor consumed, type of liquor consumed etc. Let us see them one by one.

Among the physical symptoms of alcoholism, especially in the beginners, drowsiness is observed prominently after consuming liquor. As the person gets used to take liquor, his drowsiness reduces with same quantity of consuming liquor. But a man is hardly contented with his current level of achievement (!) and he /she goes for more of it. This, again brings more drowsiness. A beginner goes for a lower dose under fear of his adverse body response, but then hardly cares for that. Next, he may lose his mental/ physical balance when following his normal routine. This is another symptom of alcoholism. Usually we notice this change while he is talking/driving or carrying his some normal routine.

Behavioral alcoholism symptoms are rather more serious than one’s physical symptoms of alcoholism. This may be the prominent reason why alcoholism is abused much in and by society. Let us understand them one by one. First of all, the addict becomes more short-tempered. He can’t bare even his normal stress-load. But when morally/socially he is compelled to do so, he bursts out on his dependents/colleagues/subordinates etc. His such prolonged behavior creates distance between him and others .All his relatives/friends/etc. loose humiliation. They now do not have any sympathy for him. Another symptom of alcoholism is that the man becomes open-hearted under influence of wine. He cannot observe any secrecy even in the serious issues where his own fate is at stake. One more behavioral symptom is that the life of man becomes more expensive.

Clinical symptoms of alcoholism may appear as reduction in appetite, digestive capacity, ulceration in small intestine, malfunctioning of lever etc. This ultimately leads to anemic condition of the drunkard. His lever is continuously engaged in balancing alcoholic pH of his blood and other body-fluids and so can’t attend digesting other diet which he is taking. Prolonged ulceration of digestive tract shortens his life-span.

In asymptotic alcoholism symptom, a person may go under severe debt if his existing fiscal resources are inadequate to meet his increased expenditure. No one including his family members can truly judge about real current financial status of the person. Apparently everything regarding financial status of the person looks normal. Just, to meet his financial need for “drink”, if his pocket does not permit him, he may go in debt, or sell off his property, and may not keep informed his family members about his such actions. It might be too late when the family members come to know about the real position.

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