Successful Marketing by Influencing Human Behavior

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

We all know that the success of a business is heavily dependent on the marketing strategies and your understanding of how to influence people through these strategies. If you are unable to sell your product or service then whatever else that you do will not matter. Business dynamics are changing everyday and so has the marketing environment. The effectiveness of conventional forms of advertising is questionable when it comes to small businesses. This is why internet marketing strategies have yielded better results for first time entrepreneurs. Gaining a working knowledge of how it can help you is crucial to staying in business in this age of computers where the answer to everything is on the internet.
Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet marketing is entirely different from the conventional marketing techniques that we have learned and observed all these years. Although the theories are the similar, application of these theories makes all the difference. Strategies such as search engine optimization, landing page optimization, data collection, and social media marketing were unheard of a few years back. The internet has increased the level of collaboration between individuals, broken geographical barriers and increased productivity. One thing although has remained the same and that is your understanding of how to win friends and influence people, which will in the end determine your success.
What It Can Do For Your Business
Optimum use of resources is the biggest advantage of internet marketing strategies. Small businesses do not have the resources for large scale ad-campaigns and they don’t really need this either. The audience they cater to is different and effectively reaching this audience requires some innovative marketing techniques. Marketing through the internet is more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising. Once the target audience is identified, marketing exercises can be aimed specifically at this group. Since internet marketing strategies target this specific group, there is minimum wastage of resources and energies.
Developing the Optimum Strategy
Developing a strategy that best suits the needs of your business requires an overall understanding of the different kinds of internet marketing strategies that are in use today. Gaining this knowledge is very easy because there are a number of people who are experts in this subject and are willing to share the information they have. Attending seminars or reading books written by these people can open your eyes to all the new ideas and techniques that can be used. Understanding how to influence people and predicting human behavior can also increase the success rate of your marketing endeavors. So don’t wait any longer to make use of all these resources that you have because it might mean the life or death of your entrepreneurial dreams.

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