Success Secrets - Gain Courage by Training Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


You can gain courage by training your subconscious mind in a special way. This exercise is simple to do, but is very powerful. You see, your subconscious will accept and act on any impressions it receives that are repetitive and highly emotional. This training can help improve your life. However, the success or failure of this exercise, and any resulting actions, is your responsibility.
When doing the training it is important to adopt the mind of a child. This is a mind game you are playing. Put away your stern adult attitude. Let yourself feel your emotions. Follow these instructions as if you were a playful child.
Doing the visualization
You will use a special visualization to send powerful impressions to your subconscious mind. A visualization is a guided daydream. After describing and learning a particular scene for this visualization, close your eyes and see it played out. Let your emotions build while the scene unfolds.
Here is a possible scene:
You are an old-time doctor (or nurse) hurrying through a jungle to treat a patient. The patient lives in a village on the other side of the jungle. He is very sick and needs your help urgently. Suddenly a large tiger blocks your path. The tiger growls at you, baring its teeth. At first you freeze as fear grips your body. Then you remember your duty to the patient. So you begin to feel anger at the tiger that is blocking your path. As your anger builds, your fear begins to subside and is replaced by a feeling of courage. Your anger and courage fill your body, forcing you to take action. So you pick up a large stick from the jungle floor. You swing the stick vigorously, beating the vines on either side of the path. The tiger stands its ground, its tail twitching back and forth.
Now a fiery rage takes control of your body. It grows stronger and stronger. Finally, you lunge at the tiger, screaming loudly. Bewildered, the tiger flinches and runs away. You pause to let your rage slowly die away. Then you let yourself feel deep satisfaction at your ability to face down the great beast.

Repeat this visualization at least twice a day for two or three weeks. You can stop this visualization when you have obtained a sufficient amount of courage. If you need to increase your courage in the future, you can resume this visualization exercise.
Testing and using your new attitude
Now that you have increased your courage, you need to try it out. Then you can use it to improve your life. Here are some suggestions:
Doing your grocery shopping at a different market

Buying gasoline from different service stations

Eating new foods or trying a different restaurant

Joining new social groups or volunteering for charitable work

Finding other ways to test your courage

Always acting in a courageous manner, even when you don't feel courageous

Increasing your comfort zone by learning new skills or trying new activities

Taking on new challenges and goals to improve your life

After performing each new activity let yourself feel the excitement of conquering your fears and displaying your courage.
In overcoming fear, do not completely eliminate it. You need a certain amount of fear to protect you from the hazards of life and conform to expected social behavior. You only need to eliminate unnecessary or excessive fear. Then you can take more control over your life and protect yourself from adverse changes in the economy.
You must be careful not to get yourself into any dangerous situations. Your subconscious mind may think that you are Superman or Wonder Woman. However, your conscious mind knows better. So, a word to the wise -- use caution and common sense.

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