Success is Determined From Within

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Over the past few days I've been fighting an internal battle with myself. One that has prevented me from being as productive as I am capable of and hampering my abilities over the last few days to achieve the amount of success I normally achieve on a daily basis. For days this has frustrated and confused me as I was unable to determine the cause of the reduction in my typical daily success until recently. We all fight this internal battle with ourselves and in many cases many of us fail to win this internal battle, which is evident in the amount of success we've been able to achieve within our lives and our own personal discontent with this lack of success. Over the past few days I have been fighting this internal battle. A battle I've been unable to win until now!

Last week I went on vacation and deviated from my normal personal development routine. Unknowingly, I was setting the stage for an internal battle in which I was to fight within myself simply because I was not following my usual personal development regimen. You see, we all have the ability to achieve massive success within ourselves or to become self-sabotaging of our own potential to succeed. This is human nature, but how do we win this internal battle with ourselves and achieve the success we all desire? You'd be surprised to learn that you can unleash the ability within you to achieve massive success for only a mere 30 minutes a day!

Taking 30 minutes or more a day to focus on personal development or personal growth allows you to effectively create within yourself the foundation necessary to unleash your ability to achieve massive success. I've found that the more I focus on personal development and growth from within my outwardly success increases exponentially in all areas of my life. So how do you practice personal development growth for 30 minutes a day?

Here is my personal development regimen which I follow on a daily basis to help relax me, calm my mind and feed my desire to achieve the massive success I want to achieve. I follow this regimen for 30 minutes or more on a daily basis.

Read personal development book 20-30 minutes daily
Meditate for 10-15 minutes daily
Workout 1 hour daily

The above is my basic personal development regimen which I follow daily. It helps me to calm my mind and provide it with the proper knowledge and information necessary to formulate the personal development and success minded thoughts needed to unleash my ability to achieve massive success at whatever I do. When possible I'll also watch videos, attend webinars and read further articles on personal development as they become available. You can never spend to much time on personal development as it is the key to your ability to achieve massive success.

As you establish your personal development regimen, and settle into a routine, you'll want to keep a note pad close by as many of your most successful ideas and thoughts will come to you during your personal development time. Give yourself the opportunity to unleash your ability to achieve massive success and spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day on personal development growth and you will find that your ability to achieve the success you desire will be accomplished on a much shorter time scale than you may have originally conceived.

I hope you found this article enlightening and would love to hear from you what you do to focus on personal development each day. Please comment on this article and share your own personal development regimen.

To Your Success!

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