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Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

For suffers of nervousness atenolol comes in tablet form. They might be taken with or without having meals and should be taken in accordance towards the directions within the prescription label. Atenolol tablets belong to a course of medicines called beta blockers. Beta blockers are used to treat palpitations sweating and tremors. They are also prescribed for those who suffer from social nervousness anxiousness and social phobias. Beta blockers have the capability to reduce blood pressure and help to slow your rapidly thumping heart to ensure that it beats a lot more frequently.
Atenolol can reduce and handle high blood pressure angina avoid migraine headaches plus they could be useful right after a heart assault. However as you will find side effects from Atenolol you should locate out if using this tablet will probably be of advantage to you. Your doctor needs to be advised if you have asthma bronchitis diabetes emphysema are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant breastfeeding or have every other healthcare conditions.

For anxiousness atenolol dosage should be taken on a regular basis. There needs to be a minimum of 8 several hours between each dose. Need to a dosage be missed and it is near the time of ones subsequent dose you have to get only that dosage and never a double or perhaps an additional dosage.

There are also particular drugs which will interact with atenolol and negative effects that you simply should bear in mind of. Antacids calcium salts cocaine diabetes medicines high blood pressure medicines and medicines utilized to control heart rhythms. Unwanted side effects due to atenolol contain changes in vision coldness tingling or numb hands or ft confusion trouble breathing wheezing dizziness or fainting spells amongst others. You ought to usually inform your doctor in the event you suffer from any of these sideeffects.

Mild side effects like anxiety depression nightmares headaches nausea sexual troubles and impotence along with others usually do not have to be medically taken care of. Your doctor will also must be knowledgeable if youre taking other kinds of anxiety medicines. You will need to allow your physician know in the event you plan on stopping your atenolol medication. This is because stopping this medicine suddenly can lead to significant heartrelated results.

In healing anxiousness atenolol can uninteresting your mental focus. Therefore its recommended in order to avoid driving making use of heavy machinery or performing any job that needs your complete psychological alertness. You may experience dizziness fainting spells and even drowsiness whilst beneath the consequences of atenolol.

Atenolol can also affect blood sugar levels. Consequently if you have diabetes you need to examine with your medical doctor just before you change your diet or the dosage of your diabetic medication. For nervousness sufferers whore undergoing surgical procedure your physician must be knowledgeable previous to the surgical treatment which you are taking atenolol.

For your sufferer from continual anxiousness atenolol tablets may well just be the one factor that will enable you to cope with a globe gone awry so talk to your physician to discover regardless of whether atenolol is the greatest thing to suit your needs and believe significantly within the feasible sideeffects.

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