Stress Management

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Stress is something which impairs your brain to think or act on something.there are some stress tough people.stress tough people usually thrive on stress and cope with pressure that would put the average person into tailspin.
Stress toughness is caused by "commitment", control and challenge.
Accept stress as a challenge and you will cope better with it.

Types of stress

There are two types of stress eustress and distress.
All stress is not negative.the word eustress has been coined to describe positive stress.eustress results from exhilarating experiences such as winning and achieving.

Distress is negative stress.

Under stress certain hormones are secreted which charge the body on full alert for a fight or flight response.its why we often feel tense and highly strung when under a lot of stress.stress weakens immune system and makes us vulnerable to infection.

Time Management

The inappropriate use of time often creates new stressors.learning to say "no" has been successful for many people.there is an inordinate amount of stress that comes with saying yes and then being worry.
According to "LUBERT"stress in the work environment isn't caused by things people can control,its caused mostly by the things they cant control.
"JOB INSECURITY" IS A MAJOR SOURCE OF free with your employees so that they get every piece of information to avoid rumor.
FEAR UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT CAUSES is not the occupation but the personal environment fit that is important.
Spring is a good time for meetings that encourage team building because there is a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year.cold dark northern winters spawn lightlessness and depression.these conditions reverse themselves in spring.researchers say a trip even one as short as 4 days to warmer weather can give sufferers a much needed lift.
If you must have a meeting in the winter,a southern site can boost not only attendees morale but their effectiveness as well.
Seasonal effective syndrome (SAD)is caused during winters which causes laziness and can be cured by spending long hours in natural can also be cured to some extent by sitting under a bright lamp.the closer the light is in color and temperature to natural sunlight,the better.
Keeping above things in mind,try to organize a meeting where people find it near to their destination.
"you don't get anything unless you ask for it".
To avoid stress work smarter not harder.delegate or eliminate bureaucratic task that are time consuming but not that crucial.concentrate instead on activities that the company values and that make use of your greatest strengths.focus on what is most important to you.
Unemployed idle person suffers from stress as much as those who are overworked.
Solve the problem rather than worrying over the have to manage your 24 hrs.the inappropriate use of time often create new stressors.learning to say "no "has been successful for many people.there is an inordinate amount of stress that comes with saying "yes" and then being worry.
If you are working in a firm then you can schedule a stress management seminar for your next sales meetings.
"learn to use your time by concentrating on areas where you can reasonably expect to get results.
A famous saying goes as "stress can be the spice of life or the kiss of death,often that choice may be can learn how tom make stress work for you,so that you will become productive rather than self destructive."communication relieves stress.
* Know what you need
* Create a comfortable work environment for yourself
* Set limits on your time
* Negotiate with your family for time to just relax.
* Practice a relaxation technique.
* Make time to exercise and do it.
* Call your friends and family for support.
* Simplify your life.
* Give yourself positive feed back.
Humor can make a sharp point without pain.
Emotional intelligence can help you reduce stress as well as move forward in life.
Have farsightedness to understand the coming problem,have a system thinking to work in a team and not separately,communicating well, motivating people to get your job done,developing friendship.
Some emotional intelligence,particularly self knowledge and self control makes any leader stronger.
I have made this project for all those who get stressed from work or daily life problems.I want to tell them that stress is a good servant but a bad master,let it not control you,you can use stress for your benefit,let it not harm you.
"people rarely succeed at any thing unless they have fun doing it".
"action is a cure for melancholy".
I want to tell all the stressful persons please don't harm yourself by being under pressure because many persons lives are related with you.if you remain sad than you are distributing sorrows to your loved ones.

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