Strategies and excitements of puzzle game

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

The player make strategy fight with his enemy in every possible situation. Strategy is particularly useful in playing the tower defence and puzzle games. A strategy determines the action of player in every step of the game. There is only one strategy for the player throughout the. A strategy is considered to be the algorithm of playing the. The strategy tells the player, that what to do in each stage of the. Do not confuse the word move with strategy. Move is an action which player takes in the. We have pure strategy, mixed strategy and totally mixed strategy.
The pure strategy gives the full information to player on how to play the. The mix strategy is a probability to every pure strategy. In totally mixed strategy, the player assigns positive probability to each pure strategy. Playing puzzle is of enormous fun. Strategy also known as a plan to achieve the goal, it is a word of military origin. Fighting in a battle is dependent on the tactics. Playing puzzle is extremely interesting and it is an exercise for your brain. Puzzle is considered as brain teaser. Many companies have designed excellent graphics in the puzzle.
Most of the online puzzle have difficult physics. The aim of puzzle is straightforward, score the required points and reach the next level. The points which are scored in each level are shown in the right side of the screen. You will find unlimited puzzle online for example, balloons, shift 2, ice breaker, blockers, etc. You will find many puzzle as ingenious and rewarding, and many are frustratingly illogical. The main enjoyment in playing puzzle is to solve by your own. You will hardly keep patience while playing adventure puzzle, the adventure with puzzle is of immense excitement and thrill.
The self-contained puzzles can be classified into three parts interaction puzzle, riddle puzzle and mini puzzle. The interaction puzzle is dependent on the player's dictates and action. You have to identify the objects in classic adventure games. Mini puzzles are above interaction puzzles. The mini puzzle is complex as compare to interaction puzzle. Examples of the mini puzzle is sliding tile puzzle, connecting piece of circuit, arranging books in alphabetic orders. Riddle puzzles are based on some clues, which are to be answered. It looks like an interaction puzzle with more complicated form of mini puzzle. The puzzles of each type are more satisfactory for players, as it provides much time to player for solving the puzzle.
Most common but interesting regularly played includes chess and Sudoku, however you can also play these offline but online strategy games provide you the mobility to play such games any time from any place. Even you can enjoy playing these games with human competitors selecting multi-player features. With the help of this feature you can play such games with any competitor from any corner of the world.

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