Stop Drinking Alcohol Destroys Families

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Everyone knows your relationship with anyone should be well looked after and nurtured all the time, but when alcohol gets thrown into the mix it's a different ball game. It will and it does seriously jeopardize your healthy relationship with your family. Recent studies have shown that 95% of families who bring alcohol into a family relationship always end up with a dysfunctional family. Does this apply to you?

Alcohol dependency is extremely difficult to spot, although if it is spotted in time then alcohol can cease to become a problem. The problem is that even the alcoholic is unable to detect the problem until it is too late, but when it is eventually discussed it will just be ignored by the alcoholic. No one likes to admit to having a problem and it's the same with alcoholics, but the problem with recognizing it is that it will lead to another family becoming dysfunctional due to alcohol.

In fact many dysfunctional families will just become blind to alcoholic related problems. The alcoholic will behave in such a way that they too become blind to the effects that they are having on their family. At this stage the amount of lies and excuses would have increased greatly as they need to spend more time down the pub or where ever they can get a drink.

Strangely enough although maintaining the same behaviour pattern, a partner will even lie for their drunk other half when it comes to giving excuses for not attending work etc. If children are involved then no doubt their school work will be affected in a negative sense, due to the presence of alcohol in the family home.

Once you start to learn that alcohol is causing you and your family a problem the quicker you can sort it out the better. You're not just hurting yourself when you drink, you're hurting the ones around you, who love you the most. In fact denial is one of the key systems of alcohol dependency (Alcoholism).

You must also remember if you are protecting or covering up for an alcoholic you're preventing that person from seeking help which will see them have a better life for the future. It's a funny thought but if the tides were turned and you were the alcoholic, would you want help?

There is plenty of help and support on the internet and you'll find most of it is really helpful, I have come across some awesome sites which have great support, they are (they have helped over two thousand people conquer their alcoholism), plus they also have a great newsletter which is well worth signing up for. The other sites are AA and Talk To Frank, but remember that you're not alone!

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