Steps to Overcome Substance Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


For those struggling with substance addiction, regaining sobriety and a healthy lifestyle may seem like an unachievable objective; however, numerous recovery and treatment options are available to give the loving help and support needed to overcome addiction, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Overcoming addiction is a difficult process but it is very possible for anyone suffering with addiction to have an extraordinary recovery. By following the proper steps, one suffering substance addiction can find sobriety once again.
Step 1: Make a Change
Making certain life changes is necessary in order to fully commit to recovery and sobriety
Think about change and how your addiction is affecting the people you love
Think about the things that can help you make the change
Make changes to the way you personally deal with stress in your life
Change how you spend your free time
Changes to your social life and who you spend time with
Change how you think about yourself in a positive way
Frequently remind yourself of the reasons why you want to change
Step 2: Treatment Options
Explore the various treatments options that are available
Find a treatment that discusses more topics than just your addiction
Find a treatment that you can successfully commit to, that you think will also strongly benefit your recovery process
Committing to your addiction treatment is a crucial aspect of your recovery
If one treatment does not work for you, do not give up! Look for other options - no single treatment works for everyone
Treatments that involve family therapy can be very beneficial to your recovery - your family and close friends can become your strongest support system
Step 3: Ask for Help and Build a Support System
Be honest with your family and close friends and tell them that you are quitting and seeking sobriety
Ask your loved ones for support
Be honest and open with your loved ones and tell them your goals as well as how you wish to achieve your goals
Allow them to help you reach sobriety and stay sober
Allow your family to help you stay committed to your treatments
Meet new sober friends who will support your recovery
Take recovery classes, join a church or group or volunteer in your community and make it a priority
Step 4: Learn to Cope
Avoid relapse by keeping busy doing healthy activities and taking up healthy hobbies
Avoid the places that remind you of your addiction such as bars, clubs, or any place associated with your substance abuse
Discover ways to relieve stress without drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances
Activities such as exercising, meditating, yoga and practicing breathing techniques are all good examples of healthy ways to relieve stress
When experiencing cravings, talk with someone in your support system about it and allow them to help you
Even if you do experience relapse, stay strong, positive, and do not give up hope; use the experience to fuel your commitment towards your recovery
Substance addiction is never an easy thing to face, but by taking the appropriate steps, you are giving yourself the opportunity to overcome addiction and find recovery. Whether its drug addiction, alcohol addiction or gambling addiction, it is never too late to find help. Do not give up on yourself and do not lose hope.

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