Steps on How to Be Happy

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

What is happiness? And how can we cultivate it? Even the word 'happy' can seem like an abstract term, meaning different things to different people but rising interest in the subject by social scientists has generated research based finding that they can now lead into piratical action. Here I have summarized 7 important steps that might help us a little bit happier.

Step 1- Be a do gooder: Researcher cautioned against mistaken pleasure for happiness. Pleasure is based on external factors and leaves one craving more, more and more .Happiness, however; is influenced less directly even by putting of your own pleasure for a good of someone else. People who perform selfless acts of kindness, whether by volunteering for a shelter or just helping out a friend raise their level of happiness than people who don't.

Ste 2- Do Not Sweat Decisions: The longer a choice is debated, the less happy the decider is with the outcome, whether it is what to eat or where to live. First you should set your standard. The factors most important to you, then take the first option that meets them.

Step 3- Spend Well: If you are going to splurge, do it on experience you remember not goods or gadgets. Research indicates that people often regret buying an expensive item but tend to not regret money spend on experience such as dining or traveling.

Step 4- Aim High, But Not to high: Those at the pinnacle of financial success do not report significant higher level of happiness than the average person. Ask yourself if that is overtime easily worth it.

Step 5- Be a Joiner: Whether it is a church, mosques or a community gathering, it raises a level of happiness, because you have a sense of being connected with people.
Step 6- Stop Dwelling: Researchers has found the happiest people do not dwell on negative or ambiguous events. Furthermore, excessive self image may sap your mental resources and make it harder for positive changes to occur.

Step 7- Be Grateful: Studies show that teachers and scholars instruct students to keep a regular journal of what they are thankful for. The result indicates that gratitude reliably increases happiness who knows that those greeting cards urging us to count our blessing were right.

In conclusion, this article will hopefully encourage you to take action now on how to change your life by living happy life. Note that, happiness does not come by itself. You have to earn it. In order to be, you have to do it from your bottom of your heart. If you want to be happy, you should focus on most important key for happiness. When you practice the key to happiness every day, you will be assured to have or lead a happy life every moment of your life. You should always remind yourself that you are not doing it for your families, friends or someone else. You are doing it for yourself and do not play a card game or pretend you are happy while you are not. You have to be true to yourself and the happiness will come to you right away.

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