Spring Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Spring Awakening: Walking is Great Exercise for Busy Moms
Ah, spring! What could be more refreshing to the spirit than the cool breeze softly kissing your
skin, warm sunshine in the afternoon, greening grass, and a happy farewell to the winter blues?
With its sun-drenched promise of summer, spring entices its devotees outdoors, encouraging
natural workouts for women on the go, creating new opportunities for fitness for busy moms.
Outside in the spring, physical activity becomes both a sublime break from daily responsibilities
and a productive endeavor. When spring arrives, it is indeed time to walk.
Just like other workouts for women, walking is a great way to lose weight, increase cardiovascular
strength, improve circulation, and feel better about yourself. Like other exercises, walking
burns calories and can release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin, which can drastically
improve your mood. Providing inexpensive fitness for busy moms, walking at a brisk pace also
has a number of specific advantages over other workouts for women.
Endurance: A Gentle Form of Fitness for Busy Moms
Walking is truly one of the safest workouts for women. Unlike jogging, it can be relatively easy
on your joints, bones, and muscles. The body is designed for walking, after all, and when you
support your feet, legs, and back with good-quality shoes, the motion is a natural one.
Health: Why Walking is One of the Serious Workouts for Women
Walking may seem like an easier form of fitness for busy moms, but the health benefits are significant.
Regular, brisk walking throughout your week can help reduce stress levels, control
blood pressure, aid digestion, lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis, and increase
stamina and flexibility. It can strengthen your muscles and joints - and burn calories too. Want
your calves to look great in that spring skirt? Walking shapes calves, thighs, and shins, and it can
whittle your waistline as you work off body fat. Like many workouts for women, walking is
linked to emotional gains as well. Regular walking can reduce stress, improve your outlook, and
drastically increase your self-esteem.
Convenience: Time for Fitness
With appointments, grocery shopping, and housework, finding time for most types of workouts
for women can feel impossible. Walking, however, is a perfect form of fitness for busy moms.
Spring is an ideal time to set aside those car keys and to use the healthiest, cheapest mode of
transportation possible: your own two feet. Combining a brisk walk with a trip to the store is an
excellent way to run your errand, enjoy the fresh air, and reap the health benefits that walking
offers. A good quality stroller is a great way to bring your little one along with you, and the hum
of the wheels against the concrete, paired with a mild breeze, is usually just what your tot needs
to drift off into a peaceful slumber.
With spring in the air and summer on the wind, the time to start walking is now. Walking, as a
natural form of fitness for busy moms, is an easy, economical, enjoyable activity. Lace-up those sneakers, strap on a step counter, and open the front door. The glorious outdoors is waiting for

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