Sponsoring Successful Affiliates

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Being a successful sponsor will always result in an increasing number of successful affiliates. Why? Because without the first, you will never achieve the second.

A successful affiliate will always start out the same. They have the drive, the committment, the enthusiasm, the determination to succeed at building a successful home based business. However, they may well be lacking in the techncial skills, the marketing skills, the computer skills, the networking skills that are so desperately needed in order to achieve their goal.

This is where a successful sponsor can make the difference.

If your only goal is to sign up affiliates so that you can earn a bonus, or a residual commission, then you will quickly find that your downline never really grows. As fast as you sponsor new people, the others are leaving for pastures new.


Because they are not recieving the level of support required to turn their desire and committment into real, achievable, results. A successful upline sponsor will always endeavour to support new affiliates with whatever is required to make them successful. This is because the successful sponsor realises that his/her success is totally dependant upon the success/failure of the downline affiliates.

If someone signs up to your downline and contacts you for support, recieves no reply, struggles to gain referrals, etc. How long do you think that person is going to remain a member of your business?

Trust me, it won't be very long. They will see another opportunity out there that promises more money, faster money, easier money, and they will jump ship as quick as they can.

Your job as an upline sponsor of any affiliate is to keep them with you and train them to be as successful as you.

Without your support, no matter how committed and determined they are, they will find someone else to channel their energies into success. And that will leave you with a high drop out rate from your business. Meaning the cycle will start all over again. You will just be replacing one affiliate for another. Not a good way to be successful.

Work with your downline referrals. Contact them, either via e-mail or telephone. Let them know you are a real person, interested in their success. Show them where to go for training, for support, for help with computer skills... offer advice on the best traffic generating sources, copywriting, tips, marketing tips,... ensure they have access to all the tools and methods you use yourself.

It only takes a couple of leaders in your business to ensure that it grows and grows. Not everyone is a leader. Not everyone will be successful.


do you really want to take the chane of missing the one that is going to make it to the next level? Do you really want to take the chance that the enthusiastic affiliate you sponsored, will make it big in the next programme rather than yours?

Of course not. You want their success to be attributed to your team, your business, because this is how you will get rich.

But it requires work from you. If you are not prepared to work with your referrals, showing them the best way to achieve success, how can you count yourself as a leader? And how on earth do you expect to be successful?

Successful affiliates are made. They are not born.

Ensure you don't lose a successful affiliate because you couldn't be bothered to pick up the telephone or send an email. Don't lose a successful affiliate because you are too greedy to share your best marketing/selling/advertising techniques with your referrals.

Being successful requires work and lots of it.

But the rewards can be enormous, not only in the substantial increase in your pocket, but also in the satisfaction that is gained from helping others.

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