Spiritual Awakening: The Arrival of the New

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Out of the womb of the mighty comes a proud testament to faith in God and devotion to the purposes of light. This testament comes not with the force of might but with the force of love guiding the way, leading those who seek to serve the One Creator of All to form a necklace of jeweled lights around the world, each one enhancing the brightness of every other. For it is the time of awakening of the soul, and each soul that has contained the light within itself and been faithful to that light shall now be given the means to radiate and bless the earth around itself, creating an illumination and glow that shall never diminish.

All who have waited through this time are to be praised for their devotion and single-minded endurance during the harshness of what, for many, had to be endured. All who are still waiting are to be blessed with the knowledge that the shift in alignment which brings forth the advent of manifestation of light is about to happen. There are none who shall be omitted from this blessing and from the radiance it carries, none who shall not see the benefit and reward of faithfulness to the One living God who carries the souls of all within Itself.

Blessed be this time of transformation and of the bursting forth of the new into the midst of the reality of space and time. For the earth has awaited the fulfillment of this time since her beginnings. She has known and awaited and hoped for the fruition of all her efforts to hold and sustain life which, in the end, were to result in the great transformation into the starlike self-generated radiance of illuminated light.

May all beings come to know the reality of God's presence upon the earth, and may all beings come to feel peace at last.


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