Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment Demystified

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Narrowing down spiritual awakening into a single, all-encompassing definition is anything but possible. This is largely by virtue of spiritual awakening and enlightenment being transcendental to the extent that it can be better experienced than comprehended. The experience in itself is so rich and complex that it is realistically beyond all expression and depiction.

Even then, the whole universe is suffused with subjective interpretations of spirituality. One such interpretation of the many is that spiritual enlightenment is merging with the whole by complete surrender of the self and the mind.

Furthermore, the acclaim that spiritual enlightenment is a progression of the consciousness to an inert state is not any less popular. Then there are several other theories floating around setting out spirituality in newer but often abstruse ways.

Though such literary indulgence is extremely commonplace, it doesn't help much with demystifying spiritual awakening. On the contrary, the diffuse interpretations do enough for rendering enlightenment a prerogative of a selected few.

This is what prompted the emergence of Gyan Marg as a guiding light for spiritual seekers across the board. Gyan Marg holds some of the most quintessential spiritual literature which for ages has been the Holy Grail to spirituality and enlightenment. Moreover, the lucid simplicity and precise abstraction makes these spiritual books deeply meaningful and incisive for seekers of all age and types.

Of all the spiritual works ever done, the Sri Yoga Vasishtha stands out. The book, a work of Sri Valmiki and transcribed into English by Dr. Hari, a spiritual contemporary of an exceptional vintage, leads the seeker to unravel the journey of Lord Rama on his way to enlightenment and awakening.

The highlights of the book are the transcribed sessions that took place between Lord Rama and the great sage Vasishtha. For centuries, Sri Yoga Vasishtha has been a paradigm of the greatest spiritual wisdom available to anyone seeking spiritual awakening.

The original copy is in Sanskrit while the current transcribed version at Gyan Marg is lucidly done in English. With a collection of tales depicting the path of the enlightened, Sri Yoga Vasishtha is the one source that helps you define the most consummate balance between spirituality and realism.

The book possesses such great insights into manifesting spiritual existence that Bharadwaj, one of the most loved disciples of Valmiki and the first ever to draw upon the richness of Sri Yoga Vasishtha, went all the way to becoming awakened under the sage.

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