Specialty Choice - Take the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

Ever since you entered the medical school, you have likely been asked many questions about the specialty you will choose. Selecting your medical specialty is a crucial step in your career, so you should learn which specialties are most suited to your natural abilities and personal styles by taking this medical specialty test online.

One of the most difficult parts for medical students is in choosing a specialty. Sometimes the students make a choice only to realize later that they have chosen something else instead of what they are practicing now. Since medical students often make their decisions based upon their rotation experiences, their final choices often turn out to be wrong. If you talk to some practicing physicians, they will tell you about the great difference during a medical school clerkship and the everyday life in the specific specialty. So take a little more care to choose the right medical specialty for you.

Consider the data

40 - 50% of practicing physicians surveyed would pick a different medical specialty if given the chance. 80 percent of medical students in a Glaxo study believed they did not have enough valid information about their talents and options to base a decision of medical specialty.

Every person has a set of specific innate abilities and they must be considered when choosing a specialty. When you choose a specialty, you may end up working in that particular field for the rest of your career, unless you choose to opt for an additional training. It is also critical to understand whether you have the right profile to succeed in the medical career in general or not.

Aptitude Test for Medical Specialties

To determine the field where you will find the most satisfaction serving people, you should consider taking a specially designed aptitude test. Such tests are based upon the behavioral characteristics, personal and lifestyle preferences of the students as well as their hard-wired talents. These tests are quite effective at informing the students of the suitable specialties that are often difficult to assess.

Where to Take the Test?

Taking general career tests isn't difficult with the ample options available over the Internet. Even in the medical field, the career options are quite different from one another. You should take a test that is based upon the facts rather than just assumptions. Ensure the test you are taking is specifically designed for medical students and not for all possible careers.

Why Abilities?

Abilities and skills are two different things. Skills are capacities that are acquired through practicing for years whereas abilities are inborn. People are happy and satisfied when they are allowed to use their fundamental, natural abilities. People may practice medicine to become doctors but if they don't have the innate abilities for that, they are more likely to not find their jobs satisfying. When abilities are applied with the jobs, people tend to do their work better. Hence, choose such a medical specialty quiz that brings out the abilities in you and help you choose a specialty that fits you the most.


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