Do Something Different & See The Difference

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Challenge your beliefs concerning
what you'll and can’t do.Challenge your ideas concerning however things ought to work. Have a vision session

Look for opportunities in an exceedingly robust scenario

Remove one thing from your life that doesn’t serve you. Commit to one thing you mostly say you’ll do

Commit to one thing you mostly say you’ll do

Substitute negative thoughts with positive ones

Identify the obstacles that keep you from breaking a foul habit

Forgive somebody if you’ve been holding a grudge

Walk to figure and open your eyes

Talk to somebody whereas waiting in line

Make an attempt to attach with folks you pass

Learn a brand new ability

Say affirmative to one thing you mostly speak yourself out of

Take a walking lunch

Volunteer at your native animal shelter

Start one thing you mostly assumed it absolutely was too late to try and do

Take up urban forage

Join associate degree journey club

Offer to assist some other person.

Carpool to figure

Compliment a alien on one thing you notice

Take photos of belongings you notice fascinating

Do one thing you relish alone

Wear a motivating shirt, one thing funny or unhappy

Move one in all your friends into a brand new pool

Bring enough lunch to share with people at work

Pay attention to different people’s visual communication

Help some other person get out of their temperature

Show up a 30 minutes early or leave thirty minutes late

Speak up in an exceedingly meeting

Hold your meeting outside

Hold a gathering standing up

Create a card that speaks to what extremely matters to you

Start learning a brand new language

If you don’t add your dream trade, volunteer among it

Find a mentor

Attend a networking event

Consider one in all these artistic ways that

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