Some Tips To Get Children Eating Healthy

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Getting children eating healthy is an important step in preventing and treating obesity and overweight epidemic affecting much of the western world and now spreading to other developing countries such as China. Getting kids to eat healthy can be a difficult task should the kids already be involved heavily with unhealthy eating habits. However over a period of time and with much consistency, it is possible to get kids on the right track once again.

When children become overweight or obese they are at high risk of suffering from diabetes type 2. This can be treated through lifestyle changes and deliberately eating healthy and engaging in an active lifestyle. Left unchecked overweight will also increase risk of heart disease and hypertension. The best and recommended way of having your kids eating healthy is to practically leading by example. As they see you eating fruits and vegetables, shopping for healthy foods they will appreciate the importance of eating healthy. The following are other tips to have your kids eating healthy;

1 Prepare some cut-up fruits which you cling-wrap and place in your kid's food-pack for consumption at school or organized outing. In order to be appealing to kids try and mix a variety of colorful fruits such as melon, strawberries, pineapple amongst other such fruits.

2 It has been observed that children generally prefer raw vegetables over, cooked vegetables. It is therefore beneficial to prepare some vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, cabbage and carrots which can be consumed in their raw state.

3 Considered a winning formula in most families - create a chart on which kids can earn scores or stars on a daily basis based on what fruits and vegetables they would have eaten. This methods is motivating to kids. Overtime they are tuned up to eating lost of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

4 Vegetable disguise is yet another important strategy in helping kids eat vegetables. This can be achieved by adding pureed carrots to tomato-based pasta sauces for example. You may also chop a variety of vegetables and fruits and hide them is salads with some tasty dressing or in home-baked pizzas, soups and favorite casseroles.

In applying all these tips it is important to make mealtimes as enjoyable as possible to kids. These times should be welcome to kids and have them wanting to participate. Forcing kids to finish everything on their plate should be avoided at all cost. You may still give them their food to finish at a later time should they say they are hungry.

Balance eating healthy amongst your kids by also helping them keep active. This way they get an opportunity to burn the calories which they gain through the food that they eat. Sedentary lifestyles are the reason behind obese America especially amongst children.

This is of course apart from eating fast food uncontrollably. your kids can be active by walking to and from school, biking and playing active games after school at home. Discourage children from spending much of their time behind TV or computer screens playing endless games. A balance is needed.

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