Some tips For overcome Stress and Anxiety problem?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Stress is regrettably a common by-product of contemporary life. We can experience stress at work, school, in our relationships, even from peer-pressure. Stress is how our body responds to physical, emotional, mental or social conditions which are affecting us. The conditions may be good ones or bad ones; they may create tension or excitement.
Stress can be broadly divided into two categories, good stress and bad stress. While the former motivates you to confront the problems valiantly, the latter makes you feel anxious, nervous and hassled. For instance, a job promotion usually inspires you to work harder and give in your best shot. However, the same promotion becomes distressing when the workload becomes unbearable, when the responsibilities are too hard to shoulder, and when the overall office environment becomes suffocating. Thus, without you being aware, a good stress has gradually transformed into bad stress. The biggest question that must be impinging your mind at this point of time is, "How to deal with stress?" Here are some simple ways to manage stress.
A stressful day can tense up your tired muscles and cause various aches and pains. You've probably heard that a warm cup of chamomile tea can relax harried nerves. Soaking in a chamomile bath will have the same effect while also relaxing those tense muscles.
The problem with this stress management book is that it delves too much on spiritual references. Most of the advice that is given is more anecdotal and spiritual, rather than scientific.
Another nice stress management book is "7 Steps to Unclutter Your Life" by Donna Smallin. This book explains that the clutter that you see in your surroundings can actually create stress. It also defines clutter as confusing thoughts, ideas, problems and priorities that you are experiencing.
Finding stress relief tips can be as easy as your nearest search engine, but will they work is another question. One thing to be cautious of are sites that have all product, and no content. Natural stress relief, while very manageable with supplements and other techniques, has many facets. When researching look for content, and suggestions without each entry being a sales pitch. So what are some valuable stress relief tips? Here are just a couple I have found to be extremely effective.
The economy is in shambles, divorce rates are climbing, and stress related illnesses are becoming a major medical concern. Stress relief tips, are even more in demand than ever before. How do you separate what works from what doesn't. Are all stress relief tips the same, and will they bring you the ultimate anxiety relief that seems all too hard to come by in today's serious world.
You're scheduled to travel to Tanzania in the next few weeks with a group of mountain climbers. You'll be given a tour of Uhuru Peak - the highest point in Mount Kilimanjaro and the highest peak in Africa. This will be the final test of your endurance. You're even more excited because the travel organizer said that Mount Kilimanjaro is equipped with a GSM mobile phone service; this way you can stay in touch with friends and family and give them a blow-by-blow account of your trek. You can't wait and you're feverishly preparing logistics and other details. That's positive stress.
Positive stress, therefore, as seen by the two examples above, leads to a sense of wholesome enjoyment, a sense of accomplishment. You know that by undertaking something, yes, it may be stressful at first, but completing it will make you happy.

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