Some simple tips to save money

tips to save money

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Irrespective of the personal, familial and social status, we are all bound to have a sound financial background in our life. Whether rich or poor, young or old, financial stability is very important to lead a comfortable life. Most of the time, most of us don't give much importance and attention to save money for the future. In our life, wealth and money may come and go, don't think that money and wealth will remain with you throughout your life. Financial gain and breakdown is a part of our life. It is a usual habit when we get more money with or without effort, we tent to use it liberty and lavishly on necessary unnecessary things. Let us understand that when you are in financial crisis, there may not be a single person, including your friends, relatives or other close associates to help you, when there is money there are plenty of people in and around you. When you are penniless you are alone. If we look around us we can see innumerable examples of such incidents. Make it a point to understand that wealth should always be well cared and well managed. Money management is an art and skill. We should develop the habit of regular earning even if it is a small quantity. If we save money in our earlier days that savings will definitely help us in our old age, when our health has come down and our earning capacity has come down. We should also note that our later years we are left alone.
With these observations in mind we have collected and compile some simple ways and tips which you can practise in your life. So that, you will have a sound financial background and a peaceful living till the end of your life. Even though you had given a number of lips you can select whatever you find more practicable and applicable to you in relation to your present state of affairs.
Change your Bank Accounts periodically so that you get more interest.
Don't use TV, Internet and Telephones unnecessarily.
Collect your old unused things and you can sell it.
Join the available Customer Rewards Programs.
Before going to give a Gift, search if it is present in your store.
Before starting a shopping make a check list.
Reduce your outings to a minimum.
As far as possible, utilize old clothing’s after repairing it.
Always give your children only the minimum required money.
Make it a habit to bargain while purchasing.
Keep away from Fast food culture.
Stop your Smoking habits.
Before buying household utilities, check your old stock.
Remember to switch off the Lights and Fans when going out of room.
Instead of buying books go to the library and search on the internet.
Reduce power consumption by using CFLs and LEDs.
Always buy high quality home appliances.
Clean your vehicles by yourself.
Avoid using credit cards frequently.
Avoid unnecessary purchasing.
Always do a regular maintenance of your home appliances.
Cancel your unused membership in various clubs.
Try to buy used items if feasible.
Utilize all the free offers from big shops.
Try to buy generic items of medicines.
As far as possible, prepare and eat meals at home.
Make it a point to join insurance schemes.
Always buy fuel efficient cars.
Never go to a big shopping mall.
Give out unused home space for friends.
Stop unnecessary magazines and newspaper subscription
Make it a habit of moderate clothing
Seek for help and support from your close friends.
Keep a, what to do daily diary.
Find out a cheaper and comfort place to live
Attend free events in the city
Try to utilize public transportation.
Don't go to beauty parlours.
Do auto maintenance of you household tools.
Buy office equipment in bulk.
Select the cheapest self-phone provider.
Always read some financial magazines.
Choose the shortest route to working place.
Avoid over spending in hygienic products.
Reduce the purchase of baked foods.
You can make your own wine and bear.
Check your electrical devices frequently.
Reduce your holiday expenditure.
If possible pay bills online.
Reduce the cost of your fuel bills.
Book your travel plants pretty early.
Make it a habit to say 'No' if not possible.
Pack your things by yourselves.
Sell your car and properties yourself without the help of a third person.
Before buying anything double think whether you need this.
Instead of going by car, walk or bicycle to the working place.
Reduce the intake of Alcoholic drinks.
Take a lottery ticket whenever possible.
Always claim your Tax benefits.
Always have a money saving attitude.
Even though the above given tips seen to be very simple, in practical life it counts a lot. If you regularly practice some of the simple tips given above, it is with certain that you can save a lot of money in the end. We can also add our own personal tips which are found to be more practicable for us.

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