Some Interesting Facts About Sexuality

Dr. Purushothaman
August 5, 2018

We all probably know the basics when it comes to sex and sexuality. But basics don’t lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are many stereotypical beliefs regarding male and female bodies, sexual behavior and attitudes and other preconceptions based on gender. Most psychologists and also some websites providing online marriage counseling in India will agree that sex is an extremely important part of every romantic relationship.

It is therefore important to learn about some interesting scientific facts about sexual orientation. The lesser known facts about intimacy and the human body is what makes you smarter in bed and also helps to improve your sex life.

These facts will get you thinking and will make your stay in that space for quite some time! Curious? Then why are you still waiting?

Here are some interesting facts about sexuality:

  • Exercise is not a myth

Yes! Sex does count as a workout. You can lose up to 200 calories during an intercourse. A study done in the US states that one time sex counts towards 150 minutes of weekly exercise. If you don’t believe this, hit some websites that provide online sexual counseling in India and clarify it yourself.

  • Hundred chances at life

An average male produces nearly 300 million sperms in only a tea spoon of semen. However, only one can finally fertilize a woman’s egg and take life. Moreover, the average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles an hour.

  • Shaving your pubic area can cause a sexually transmitted infection

Besides stubble, rashes, bumps and ingrown hair, shaving your nether regions can increase the chances of causing an STD. Tiny wounds that form in case you are not careful can allow any bacteria to infect you.

  • Fight cold and flu

Sexual intercourse can boost infection fighting cells up to 20%. This resolves the issue of frequent cold and cough and other infectious diseases by strengthening your immunity systems.

  • Sex can correct the flow and glow

Indulging in sexual activities can spike DHEA levels in the body. DHEA hormone improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin. Sperm also has a tightening effect on the skin and hence can be considered for anti-aging treatments.

  • Nature defies equality

Both the male and female body have sperms and eggs that are released during sexual intercourse and fertilizer to produce life. However, where the female body has a finite amount of eggs at the time of birth and tends to produce them throughout her lifetime, an average male can produce millions of new sperm every single day.

  • Insomnia? No more

Sex induces good sleep. Science says sex before bed may just prove to be the cure for your insomnia. Sex helps your body release of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol that will naturally enhance the REM cycle for a deeper sleep.

  • Play the waiting game

According to a study that was published in the World Journal of Urology, abstaining from any kind of sexual activity for up to three weeks can help you experience the ultimate orgasm. It makes your testosterone levels to reach its peak and boosts your libido.

Can facts about sexuality to get any more interesting? However, if you are unsure of any of these stated specifics, have any doubts or you are facing fear, we suggest you consult a sexual counselor and get your queries resolved. There are also numerous websites that offer free online sexual counseling in India, one of which is Living in Wellbeing. Get in touch with our experts who are extremely popular for providing online sexual counseling in Kerala. Log on now!

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