Solutions and Cures For Anxiety

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

Commonly, people who don't suffer from panic attacks often don' t understand why those who do experience panic attacks. It comes down to one person unfamiliar with the world of anxiety and why something so harmless could promote so much anxiety.

I know because I used to suffer from crippling anxiety when I was younger. Leaving the house became a whole new adventure that I didn't want to face, afraid of the situations I would run into that might cause a panic attack. I had to make myself do just the simple tasks like going to the store, or going to class. I really wanted to be this brave male macho type, but instead I was afraid to drive down the freeway or go downtown to do shopping.

Nowadays I'm better, because I'm in control. Anxiety can affect anyone, and in no way should one be labeled poorly for suffering, this is something I have come to realize. Anxiety has affected all types of people, some of which who are performing courageous jobs. For example, ambulance drivers, stunt men, and law enforcement officers, all of whom are looked up to for their courage.

These people would rather construct a building 200' above the ground than suffer from an anxiety attack. It's true, strange but true. Take a police car chase for example. The officer can handle this situation because he was trained and knows how. That same person feels scared an helpless during an anxiety attack because it is something unknown.

Just be sure to remember that a person's bravery has nothing to do with their abilities of controlling anxiety. The reality is it has nothing to do with ones courage; this is a way our body reacts beyond our control. While it's easy to have courage and confidence when you're inside self feels warm an protected, break that confidence and your whole body begins to give into the anxiety. The panic situation your fearing is becoming internal. Your whole body feels exposed and vulnerable.

This is where your anxiety issues start. Your fear feeds on this reaction. The real problem is confidence in ones mind and body to negotiate the stress. Ones courage is actually not overcome by the danger. In reality, sufferers of anxiety are more courageous than most. They get up in the morning, shower, get ready, and face the day, each and every day. They don't stop living just because they have an anxiety problem. Even though that sounds simple, if you are suffering from anxiety you know exactly what this means.

To the average person this doesn't seem like a really big deal, to go to the mall, attend a baseball game, or go to church. For those who suffer from anxiety this is BIG. These very situations have prevented the anxiety sufferer from living their life.

Now for the good new though, the bravery is not wasted, it does not go unrewarded. The trials of anxiety strengthen the anxiety sufferer way beyond the normal person. Physical outside strength does not give one inside mental strength. You have to struggle and overcome anxiety to get that!

One of the good things about anxiety is it gives you strength to cope with life. You get to be a stronger person. That is what anxiety gives back. It's not important at this point if you have gotten this far yet with your anxiety. You can't base your progress on other people, everyone is unique. The important thing is that you keep on keeping on. It is your determination that will triumph over your anxiety.

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