Social Apathy and Cosmic Conciousness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 11, 2013

Over the past few weeks Sky News have been reporting on the binge drinking problem that is affecting the UK.

“Cheap booze is fuelling binge drinking in Britain. This is leading to a surge in alcohol-related violence, and police belive it is time for a crackdown.”

“Senior doctors are claiming Government measures to tackle binge drinking are failing and are demanding big price rises to solve the problem.”

One of the questions we have to look at is why are people binge drinking in the first place and is it because of the price of alcohol?

Yes getting drunk can be fun, but most people soon tire of the vodka-shakes and early morning vomiting that accompany a night out on the lash. But for many people, especially the younger generation this is all they know - gone are the days of the Youth Club or after-school activities. Soaring bills and the cost of living mean that many parents have to work 2 jobs just to scrape by. Of course there are those that are ‘happy’ sitting at home living on handouts, but even then the quality of life is not brilliant - and children who are born into a life of living on the dole have little to aspire to.

It seems to me that along the way we have lost pride and faith in our communities, teenagers and children are regarded with wary eyes, and accusatory glances - they are not encouraged to better themselves or serve the community in which they live, inevitably they lash out using alcohol as a means of escape. If we want to improve our communities - we need to make a conscious effort as a group to achieve this.

This is where we can utilise the awesome power of the Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness is the concept that the universe is a living superorganism with which animals, including humans, interconnect, and form a collective consciousness that spans the cosmos. We are therefore all One, joined together by our thoughts and feelings, and by creating a goal and feeling the positive effects that the outcome will bring, we can bring about positive needed change.

Instead of grumbling at the news, and slamming the yob culture - we should all be looking at a way of positively changing the culture so that everyone benefits. You may use prayer or meditation to send out good vibes, smile at a passing ‘hoody’, start a web forum for youngsters, or volunteer to run a youth club scheme - there are many ways in which we can all help, but in order for this to work we must ALL act - to accept a situation for the way it is, or to ignore it - is to allow it.

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