Tips to Maintain Sexual Well-being in Our Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 17, 2018

Immunity boost, stress reliever and living in a good mood are all results of a healthy sex life. It proves to be extremely beneficial for you. A stable sexual well-being greatly impacts your everyday life as well as your overall health.

However, it has been noticed that over the last few decades, couples are lacking intimacy. Sexual well-being today is adversely affected by physical, emotional and even social happenings around you.

To help overcome that, there are a number of websites that offer free online sexual counselling in India. Moreover, there are some basic methods to keep your sexual rigidities at par.  So what are these ways in which you can try and maintain sexual well-being in life? Here are some great tips that help you achieve this in no time.

Simple Tips that Help Maintain Sexual Well-being

  • Performing Kegel Exercises

Exercising keeps the cardiovascular system happy and hearty. For a better sex life, Kegel exercises are crucial. It increases the blood flow in the pelvic region and strengthens the pubococcygeal muscle. Lying on the floor with legs bent and contracting and releasing the PC muscle in 10 second intervals will slowly strengthen the pelvic region. It helps with stronger sexual sensations during intercourse.

  • Consuming Food That Helps to Boost Your Sex Life

Raw Oysters, strawberries and avocados are identified to be on the top of aphrodisiacs chart. Full of unsaturated fats, these foods are rich in folic acid that gives you more energy by metabolizing proteins in the body. Wheat germs are another important source that helps produce testosterone for the development of male reproductive tissues. Pesto also contains pine nuts which is a great natural source for arginine- the main ingredient in Viagra.

  • Quit Smoking

Although lung cancer is considered as the biggest side effect of smoking, it can also adversely affect the sexual well-being in both, females and males. It blocks the arteries and veins that not only lead to the heart, but also to the reproductive organs. It reduces the quality of semen in men and can also lead to infertility.

  • Be Generous With Physical Affection

Cuddling and extended foreplay activates endorphins that helps both you and your partner to feel connected and calm. Expressing love with gentle physical touches ignites the sense of care and excitement at the same time. Make sure to stir some amount of physical contact in your daily life, be it simple hugs, for it will elevate desire levels and result in heightened physical attraction.

  • Break The Ice

Be creative in the way you express your love for your partner. Indulge in exploring new places that are romantic and provide for an intimate setting. Secondly, speak about sexual fantasies with your partner and try new ways of love-making. This will keep your relationship filled with excitement and always feel like new. Trying anything new will get you out of a rut and open doors to an adventure.

  • Opting For Therapies With Your Partner

Counselling for sexual disorders helps overcome anxieties, changes behavior and attitude among couples. Moreover, a professional sexual consultant can also help you deal with emotional issues that majorly hinder fundamental sexual problems. Sessions with sexual therapists can help you freely express your concerns in the presence of your partner and they can guide you with a way to work it out easily.

Living in Wellbeing is one among them. We understand your concerns about how lovemaking wanes and help you so that it never takes a back seat. We offer online sexual counselling in India as well as in-person sexual counselling in Kerala that plays a vital role in reconnecting couples. Get in touch with our sexual counselor in Kerala today!

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