Simple Tips for An Amazing Life

amazing life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

As human beings, we have to live in this world till the end of our life, to put it another way till our death. If we study or observe our life or the life of our family members or colleagues for that matter anybody in this society we can find a variety of things in relation to the way we live. Some people are especially lucky or successful. They utilize every chance or situation in their life and everything that they do end in great success. They are amazingly active, creative and they are highly notifiable by their achievements and greatness. Sometimes, we are astonished or we may question, why some people are especially successful and great. They also live a healthy and happy life. It is a fact that we can also lead an amazingly great life. It is interesting to find that the steps or the tips that we have to follow may seen so simple. Many a time we also doubt about the validity and efficiency of the simple tips. If we search into the subject we can find a lot of general patterns followed by the so called successful and great persons.

Have a look at them below. If we can sincerely follow these steps and tips, no doubt you will also become very great and successful persons. Actually, we will become exceptionally change persons in our day to day life.
Always maintain the habit of daily regular exercise.
Always have the simple attitude of gratitude to the Almighty God .
Always consider your work as a smart craft.
Always do your work with a sports man's spirit.
Always live with better expectations.
Always be ready to face any worst situations.
Always maintain the habit of daily journal writing.
Always read one chapter from the autobiography of successful persons.
Always plan a work schedule for the day.
Always plan a work schedule for the week.
Always plan a work schedule for the month.
Always plan a work schedule for the year.
Always make a list of 10 priorities in life.
Always keep away from unwanted disturbances.
Always look after your personal hygiene.
Always look after your personal health.
Always drink 7 glasses of water daily.
Always try to improve your work & skills.
Always get a support from a mentor.
Always make it a point get up early in the morning.
Always make it a special point to go to bed& sleep as early as possible
Always make it a point to find time for Relaxation.
Always try to eat only sufficient food.
Always try to avoid fast and junk foods.
Always try to include more fruits and vegetables in your menu.
Always search & seek role models in life.
Always make it a point into smile and talk to a stranger.
Always try to become an ethical person in society.
Always try to be excellent in whole activities.
Always make it a point to be more simple and humble.
Always try to avoid unnecessary discussions.
Always develop the habit of saving income.
Always find sufficient time to visit various beautiful places.
Always try to find time for being alonein your house
Always be grateful to the persons who helped you in difficulties.
Always forgive others for their wrong deals.
Always try to be a good & ideal leader in the society.
Always find time to love your family members and spouse.
Always make friendship with real persons.
Always try to be polite in your attitude and behavior.
Always try to spend minimum time on TV watching.
Always avoid unnecessary news in newspapers and other media.
Always make daily reading a regular habit.
Always try to be satisfied with what you really have
Always persist with your acts and deals to fulfil your dream.
Always try to be authentic in life.
Always try to be passionate on the things you are doing now
Always have some sympathy and empathy to others.
Always say 'sorry', whenever and wherever is needed
Always say 'No' when unable to do.
Always appreciate others for their actual achievements.
Always maintain a great mission and mission in your life
Always try to know about your capabilities and inner strength.
Always think about good things in life.
Always be a patient listener in life.
Always do things in the most appropriate way.
Always try to avoid harsh words to others.
Always accept & respect your parents.
Always try to avoid unnecessary criticism.
Always try to do what you really like.
Always be grateful to the Creator.

Hope, you will also add more to this list and live accordingly for a better tomorrow.

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