Significance of the Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013


Nowadays, aptitude test has become an important part of assessment process of different college level and professional level exams. In a developing country like India, number of seats available in colleges and institutes providing good career options after 12th is far less than the number of candidates who enroll for the same. For example, this year around 4.5 lakhs candidates enrolled for IIT JEE test for 10,000 seats. In such circumstances, it becomes a really tedious task for academicians to choose the best and leave the rest.
A good assessment process comprised of balanced combination of academic and aptitude test which helps a lot in judging candidate’s ability. Moreover, employers in different parts of the world judge the ability of respective employees on the basis of aptitude tests. Whenever you start preparing for any aptitude test for getting best career options after 12th, it is essential to know the pattern of that competitive exam, as each exam follows a set of pattern every year.
Some of the assessment tests part of most of the aptitude tests conducted for professional exams are discussed below:
Logical reasoning and analytical ability
Logical reasoning is quite often a part of most of the aptitude tests such as IITJEE, AIEEE, DIET, NIT and more giving you plethora of career options after class 12th. It involves statements, conclusions, and rules to arrive at the conclusions. The candidate have to logically analyze all the conclusions as per the given statements. And have to state which conclusion can be inferred from given set of statements.
General mental ability
General mental ability test is basically divided into two parts verbal and nonverbal ability test. In order to assess the verbal ability the relationships between words are tested. In order to master the verbal ability tests, candidates should have a better grasp over knowledge of synonyms and antonyms of standard words. Non-verbal ability is tested through the means of visual tests such as selecting the picture which should come next in a sequence, Coding and decoding through the use of letters, number or symbols, finding the odd one out in a given set of letters or words, direction sense, time sequence and blood relation questions etc. Such preparation makes you completely ready to crack any exam giving you option to choose among the various career options after class 12th.
Numerical ability and data interpretation
Numerical ability test is designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of basic and mental mathematics. In these tests candidates are assessed through basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics. The candidates are required to brush up their knowledge of basic mathematics from sixth standard onwards. An adequate knowledge of probability, permutation and combinations also helps a lot in cracking various exams.

There are many comprehensive study materials available in the market for preparing for various competitive exams increasing your potential to choose among the various career options after class 12th. However if you have an easy internet access then you can easily get access to many educational websites which provide comprehensive content for professional level exams. provides high quality online education and training to equip all the students with the latest exam pattern and help them to crack the exams successfully.

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