SharePoint Alert and Reminder

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Summary of SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost Features
Get automatic reminders of important dates with customized SharePoint alerts. Keep track of document modifications and status with email updates. SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost is a perfect web part which helps you to stay connected with your SharePoint content and to be reminded of particular dates and events.
Features in Details
SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost contains two parts: SharePoint Alert and SharePoint Reminder. Alert is more focused on events, such as modifications of items and updating of status while SharePoint Reminder raises responses to changes in SharePoint. By combining these two parts into one web part, which brings your out-of-the-box Alert to a new level.
SharePoint Alert
SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost is designed to introduce a more powerful Alert Me, allowing you to set smarter alerts for more documents. Moreover it significantly expands the range of alert triggering in SharePoint. It also introduces fresh and better look and feel of alerts, highlighting the changes as well as providing more information about the changes.
With its upgraded version, users can set sophisticated conditions to alerts. As such, you could keep yourself updated with subtle changes, and by the same token avoid unimportant alert emails to keep you email inbox clutter free.
Recipients of alerts are extended to user/group columns, email addresses, columns containing email address and AD users/groups. Setting up or subscribing alert is easier than ever before with this product.
SharePoint Reminder
Unlike SharePoint Reminder, SharePoint Reminder of this product is a lightweight yet an additional feature to SharePoint. It is a date-triggered alert and basically designed for dates-related events. Simple ones like special dates, appointments and meetings as well as sophisticated ones like time ranges, date ranges and patterns. With this feature, you could treat SharePoint like your secretary, and ask it to do things like "remind me to xxx at xx" or "do not forget to tell me to do xx". A difference though, it will do a better job if you check your email on time.
Upgraded one also allows users to export its settings as a XML file. It would save a lot of time should you implement comprehensive conditions to your reminder and alert.
Send Notification Via Short Messaging Services
Since Apple's introduction of iPhone, mobile computing is changing business landscape. Employees may no longer stay in their office or check their email on computers. This add-on has upgraded to support sending notification via short messaging services, enabling users to receive emails anywhere, anytime and on any devices.
The End
Alert Reminder Boost is a powerful SharePoint add-on which helps you to send time-triggered alerts and event-triggered reminders. With customized content and highlight in the specified areas, it makes your SharePoint life easier!

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