Sexual Problems of IT Professionals

Dr. Purushothaman
July 29, 2018

Sexual wellbeing is an important part of overall health. Whatever impact our physical and emotional well being, impacts our sexual health as well. The life of an IT professional is a fast-paced, burdensome and stressful one. Keeping up with the pressure of work and everyday life can have a deep and troublesome effect on health which includes physical wellbeing.

This is why a lot of IT professionals have to face the brunt of an unhealthy sexual life and other sexual problems. A healthy life is made of many components and sexual health is an important part of a man's life. It can impact a person at an individual level and also one’s relationship with their partner.

Talk About The Issue

A lot of IT professionals, especially men find it very hard to openly talk about such issues. The discrimination or the notion that has been falsely made by the society around problems related sexual health is a cause of major concern here. Many problems with sexual health can be treated. Hence, it is important to talk about these issues. If you are hesitant about physically approaching a physician then go for online sexual counselling in India. Remember sexual wellbeing is just as important as any other health-related concerns.

Common Sexual Problems

Sexual problems in men are more common than one can imagine. Personal and professional life goes a long way in impacting mental, physical and sexual health. Any profession that calls for long hours and constant stress surely has its negative implications. The most common issue often is the lack of libido as a person who is constantly exhausted would find it difficult to engage in any such activity. This can lead to a deteriorating sexual wellbeing.

Sexual Dysfunction

The inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship is called sexual dysfunction. Irrespective of the type of relationship our young people show, it is usually found that majority of them are victims of frustrations, worry, anxiety, stress and strain which leads to lack of interest in sexuality and eventually many of them suffer from sexual dysfunction leading to personal conflicts, family problems and divorce. In such situations, our young persons really need appropriate and timely advice, guidance and counseling. An open dialogue is very essential in order to combat this issue and deal with it at an early stage.  All sexual issues should be dealt with on an immediate basis for a healthy living.

Talk To Your Partner

If you are in a relationship with someone, then it is important to be open about the issues you are facing regarding your sexual health. Your partner knows the nature of your profession and might be able to figure out the source of the problem. Keeping things in a relationship will only lead to more trouble. You and your partner can even discus and go for online couples counselling in India. This would help in creating a more comfortable setting for discussing any problem related to sexual health, stress and overall relationship.

Consult A Professional

The most important and eventual step in case of any sexual health problem is that you consult a sexual counselor. A professional would be able to understand, guide and treat you on the problem at hand. People with health service are expert at managing sex related problems and creating an environment where you can openly discuss these issues.

Living in wellbeing helps you understand the issues and problems related to sexuality. A lot of factors can impact sexual wellbeing and in case of any problem, it is advisable to not be hesitant and take help of free online sexual counselling in India.

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