Seven Habits of Ethical and Effective People

'Moral principles' highlighted in green, under the heading 'Ethics'

Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2013

Seven Habits of Ethical & Effective People

1.Be Proactive & emphatic. It is all about taking responsibility all the way. They do not blame genetics, circumstances, conditions or conditioning for their behavior but choose their behavior & proactively focus their time & energy on things they can control. They deliberately make an attempt to design their life & in so doing carve out a niche for themselves & others. Being ethical they have a high degree of emotional intelligence. This unique intelligence makes them understand people & their problems extremely well. This unique quality in them enables them to win the trust of others.

2.Begin with an end in mind, possess the quality to forgive & forget. They begin with an end in mind which means that to begin each day / task / project with a clear picture of direction & destination and continue to proactively flex their muscles mentally / physically to make things visualized happen. Being ethical they keenly focusing on their tasks, do not any time for grudges & stay away from such complications by moving ahead with life by forgiving and forgetting people who have hurt / injured / criticized.

3.Put first things first, always willing to help people. They are purpose & priority driven. They are wonderful in organizing & managing time and events according to their personal priorities. They concentrate on highly valuable jobs by utilizing their expert knowledge / experience / competencies without any distraction. Their stamina to focus from the start to the completion in their jobs is highly commendable. Being ethical they always make efforts to improve upon their relationships by either taking corrective, preventive or suggestive initiatives for resolving issues which them great.

4.Think win - win, are usually implosive. They see life as a cooperative arena & not a competitive one. Further they have an uncanny knack of Win - Win which necessarily means that believe in agreements or solutions which are mutually agreeable & satisfying to them. Being ethical they are not hyper sensitive or explosive personalities. They possess a cool temperament & converse exceptionally well with all kinds of people / situations. They have a high degree of anger management skills which further empowers their implosive personality trait.

5.Seek first to understand, then to be understood, they mind their own business. They listen to the others with such intensity by their mind and heart unlike people who listen with the intent to reply not to understand. Although they connect with people admirably they do not in any way spread rumors, false news & interfere in others’ lives unnecessarily. They mind their business.

6.Synergize & are flexible. Valuing differences is what really drives synergy. They have a habit of creative cooperation. It is the teamwork, open-mindedness & the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems which they believe in. Being ethical they possess a huge quality of elasticity. They adapt themselves according to the situations & do not ever to stick to one mind set. Their continuous thought process enables them to change their minds easily to improve upon the given situation without their ego coming in between. They are extremely easy in tough situations.

7.Sharpen the saw & they do not criticize. Feeling good doesn’t happen all the time. Living a life in balance means taking the necessary time to renew oneself. They preserve & enhance the greatest asset they have. They believe in having a balanced program for self-renewal in all the 4 areas of life i.e., physical / social / emotional / mental & spiritual. Being ethical they do not criticize & follow a methodology to approach the relevant person & advice in such way that it doesn’t hurt him in any way & simultaneously convey the message in an effective manner.


(The said write up has been written by Iyer Subramanian, Vijay Tanks & Vessels Private Limited)

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