Senior Medical Alert Systems Help Manage Accidents Caused By Every Day Activities Around The Home

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Sadly, most people do not invest in a Senior Medical Alert System until their loved one has been involved in a terrible accident. As people age, it is just a fact of life that both their mental and physical faculties become less sharp and begin to fail. Investing in a senior medical alert system before a loved one falls victim to a horrible accident is the most intelligent avenue to follow.
It may seem a little paranoid or overly cautious to some to invest in a senior medical alert system just because they have reached their senior citizen years. Many people are even upset to have to use one because they feel it is a signal of them getting older and they are not ready to accept that. All of these feelings are valid and normal, but they must be put aside in the interest of safety. There are many every day aspects of life that can lead to strange accidents in the home. If an elderly loved one is alone, they may not be found for days after an accident, leading to devastating results. With a senior medical alert system in place, although these every day accidents will not be avoided, the after effects will be far less catastrophic if medical personnel can reach the injured individual faster.
So what are these common accidents that can occur in the home simply by going about every day life? Here are a few of the most frequently reported accidents people have in their homes in which a senior medical alert system would have been of great help to them:
Accidents Involving House Pets
Many older adults will invite a dog, cat or other animal into their home. It can be very mentally stimulating and helpful since a homebound person that lives all by him or herself can easily become lonely and depressed with little outside contact. Having a pet is great, but they are a lot of work and they can cause accidents just by being friendly and playful. If a house pet walks in the path of an elderly patient without warning, they could easily trip over them and take a bad fall. If they are knocked out or severely injured and do not have a senior medical alert system in their home, they could easily be unable to contact anyone or get help for many hours, or even days. If their injury makes them completely immobile, they may not be able to receive assistance until someone comes to visit their home, which could be even longer. Toys, water dishes, and "accidents" from pets can also lead to trip and fall type accidents in the home. Pets are not typically known for cleaning up after themselves.
Staircases, Garages, Basements, Attics, and Recessed Flooring
Some homes have multiple floors and sometimes even more than one staircase. Anyone can fall on the stairs and incapacitate him or herself, but elderly patients are even more at risk if they have existing injuries or are just unsteady on their feet. Just one misstep can send someone hurdling down the stairs causing him or her to sustain terrible injuries. Garages and basements typically also present the same problems with small drops or other forms of stairs. Any little trip can lead to a serious accident. Attics typically have pull-down stairs, or maybe don't even have a way to get up there to begin with. Many people will grab a chair, or some other rather unstable object to step up on to and peek into the attic space. If they lose their footing, or the chair breaks, this can cause another nasty type of fall. And as for recessed flooring, this is an easy thing to take a misstep on, causing a fall. Simple, every day activities like just moving about the house can clearly result in these types of accidents. If someone falls when they are alone and do not have a senior medical alert system, their injuries can end up far worse then they world have been with immediate medical attention.
Kitchen Slip-ups
Simple tasks in the kitchen can lead to medical and other emergencies. If a loved one is chopping vegetables in the kitchen and accidentally slices their finger deeply, they may go into shock and not be able to think clearly enough to get to a phone and call for medical attention. With a senior medical alert system, they can simply push a button and help will soon be on the way. This is a lot easier to do than calling 911 while in shock. Senior medical alert systems are not just for medical emergencies either. If while cooking in the kitchen something catches on fire and it gets out of control, the wearer can push their emergency call button and fire fighters will be dispatched after they explain their situation to the operator. Tools like this can be vital to overall safety in these situations.
So, it is clear that every day activities can lead to medical and other emergencies. It is important to utilize preventative devices to help save lives in the case of any accident. A senior medical alert system can better prepare any family to get through any emergency.

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