Self-protection is the First Ethical Obligation

Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

Most catastrophes are preventable and most tragedies don't come as a surprise. On many occasions, a few minutes of reflection at the right time and a little more opposition when it was uncomfortable to speak up could have saved the day. Nobody is obliged to be a hero, but taking measures to protect ourselves is a primary moral obligation that we should never fail to implement. Here are some ideas.

1.- KEEP AN EYE ON AVAILABLE JOBS. Even if you feel absolutely safe in your present occupation, it pays to know what is going on in the employment market, if only to make sure that you are not being underpaid. What kind of benefits are other companies offering to people with your skills and level of experience? In which area of the country are open vacancies at this time?

2.- DEVELOP YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS. The simple habit of downloading podcasts in your field of experience and listening to them in the car may already put you ahead of many. Read weekly a few blogs and digital newsletters in your field. If you live in a major urban area, advanced training courses are available in the evening and weekends. Take a look and see if any of them fits your interests and career objectives.

3.- AVOID DERANGED INDIVIDUALS. In any random concentration of people, you will find a few who are deranged and dangerous. In case that you must deal with any of those in your working environment, try to avoid them like the pest. In most cases, there is nothing that you can do to help them. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that everybody is balanced and well-meaning. Once you identify the risk, act accordingly.

4.- EAT SENSIBLY AND WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy a good nutrition. Fast food is cheap and tasty, but you might pay an enormous price later in life. Learn to cook and choose healthy food. Purchase a scale for your bathroom and check your weight regularly. If you are too heavy, take appropriate action, such as making better nutrition choices and walking more often.

5.- SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH. A few decades ago, when many people didn't have insurance, putting cash aside for a rainy day was considered essential. Sickness, the loss of a job, or a damaged car might place a heavy strain on your finances. Nobody is immune from bad luck or a downturn in the economy. Prudence today might help you overcome a major crisis down the line.

Protecting your life and possessions is crucial to maintain your well-being. Trust only those who have proven to be worthy of your confidence. Never accept offers that look to good to be true. By paying attention to details and acting with common sense, you can enhance your happiness and, to a good extent, protect your success from misfortune.

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