Self-motivation Encourages Us To Plan Our Goals And Helps.

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Self-motivation adds excitement and enthusiasm into our lives and helps us face boldly all forms of challenges and adversities. It is a positive driving force to improve the quality of our own lives and those around us.

This leads to higher satisfaction levels, happiness and more fulfillment in our life. Internal motivation, which we shall call 'Self-Motivation', is all about encouraging ourself towards achieving our goal in life. In this book we shall discuss increasing our will-power and motivating ourselves towards success. As you proceed, you will discover how self-potivation can successfully lead you towards a healthier and happier life.

The word 'winner' is itself a source of motivation. No one wants to be branded a loser. And to win, you have to make an effort. An honest, consistent effort requires enough motivation on your part. You have to encourage yourself on your own to have the goal always in sight. Remaining focused on your goal all along is a basic requisite. Once you achieve that power, you are halfway through. Your next step would be to strive hard towards the goal to become successful.

The actual failure is when you stop trying. If you keep on trying, then you are sure to succeed. Only this faith can 16 keep a person motivated. Once you have succeeded, that is what counts. Nobody is going to keep an account of how many times you have tried and failed. But everybody is bound to notice your success.

Self-directed humor is a great way to deflect criticism. If we take our failures in an easy going way, society takes it similarly. More importantly, people come forward with encouragement and help. Failure is a part of success.

The main thing, therefore, is to remain positive, even in the face of failure. Do not fear failure. Learn from it and try again. Turn your failure into a motivating force. The more you fail, the more motivation you should draw to achieve your goal Persevere.

Success essentially requires positive thinking. The powerof positive thinking is undeniable. Once your goal is set, and you have started to work towards it, you have to believe that particular goal can be attained. Self-belief gives birth to commitment. You have to be
committed to your goals, another key-point of selfmotivation.If you are committed, then you are in Control.

The main purpose is to stay on the path of your target and stay motivated enough. For that you need to be committed to your goal. You really have to want it, not in any half-hearted way, but passionately. This passionate commitment towards your objective will go a long way towards seeing you through.

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