Self Help Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Are you having problems with anxiety? Anxiety is a problem that can be treated, both medically and holistically. Today I will be sharing with you some self help tips on how you can get rid of anxiety.
To start off my self help tips, I want you to know that most of the time, anxiety is the result of having too many self centered thoughts. “I”, “Me”, “Mine” are common phrases we use in every day life, but if you are full of self occupation, you could end up really depressed. This usually happens when you realize that you are not perfect and you wish you were better. When that happens, take a breather, and remember that the world does not revolve around you. Think about something else that does not revolve around yourself for a change. If you do have to think about yourself, think positive thoughts instead.

The next point I would like to talk about is this. It is unhealthy to bottle up all your emotions. Talk to someone you are close to. Learn to open up to them and share your troubles. The more you let your feelings out, the less anxious you will feel. At first, it may seem difficult to share your heart out, because you may have been holding on to all that hurt for a very long time. In fact, when you do eventually let out all those pent up frustrations, you may end up screaming out loud or crying uncontrollably. However, that can be very therapeutic. It is like a dam that is full of water and the water is trying to gush out but the walls are holding it back. Learn to let go and let someone else share the burden with you.

How have these self help tips been so far? In this last point, I would like to recommend something that you can try out. I would like to recommend taking up yoga. Yoga has many benefits. Besides being able to calm a person down, it has also been proven to help people lose weight, look younger, and improve their cognitive thinking. The latter point is so true. Basically, it sharpens a person’s focus and he or she is potentially able to accomplish tasks faster. Why not give yoga a try and enjoy the other added benefits too

I hope you have learned something new from these self help tips. Remember to think of yourself lesser, let out your emotions, and perhaps give yoga a try.


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