Self Help For Motivation

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Motivation is what keeps the world going. If there was no motivation we would still be in the Stone Age. In fact those people in the Stone Age had enough motivation to cut stones and make weapons out of it. They kept on exploring and tried getting better and better every day. All his wouldn’t have been possible if there was no motivation.

Motivation adds spice to life and it helps in making mankind better. If Sir Albert Einstein didn’t have the motivation we would still probably be using lamps in the night. Einstein had so much motivation that he kept on trying and trying to invent the electric bulb. Einstein succeeded in making the bulb in his 2001st attempt. Can you now imagine the amount of motivation the genius had?

But it’s not possible to always get what you want even after applying all your efforts. Sometimes we have to taste failure and accept it. But in this process a few of us are not able to accept failure and lose interest, particularly in life. This is where motivation plays an important part and proves to be of a lot of help. How is it that after so many failures Einstein was still able to invent the electric bulb? Failures make us fall and we have to rise every time and continue our journey towards success. But after falling to a failure, we need motivation to rise and get back to working towards our goal.

There are different ways in which you can motivate yourself or anyone around you who is depressed and needs motivation. Motivation is needed everywhere in today’s highly competitive world. This includes at work, at home, at school and even in sports. Suppose a child failed in his exams, he would be feeling low and depressed. Sometimes students take drastic steps if they are not able to cope with the failure. There are cases where children have committed suicide because they failed in a particular exam. In order to prevent such mishaps, parents and teachers should come forward and help the child by motivating him. They should encourage and help him get back to normal and give his best shot in the next exam.

One way of motivating, is using the science of hypnosis. When a person is depressed the first thing we need to find out is the reason behind his depression. But sometimes people going through depression are not comfortable in sharing the reason. Here hypnosis can help them. With the help of hypnosis the person needing motivation can be calmed and made to understand that this is not the end. Hypnosis can help people get peace of mind which in turn will help them see things more clearly and in an unbiased way. After undergoing hypnosis treatment the person will be able to think what lead to depression. He can then think of ways which will help him in getting better when he gets on with life.

You can get hypnosis treatment from the Internet media and learn it yourself. It’s very easy. Either buy books or get the Mp3 from on line. Listen to it and learn. So start downloading and learn hypnosis which will help you in curing simple problems of life and live it beautifully.

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