Self-Development - How to be even more Successful!

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Everyone is searching for the Holy Grail of success, and one of the more important starting points is to decide for you what success actually means. Is it more money, or making the people who work for you more motivated, or simply being happier - success is measured in many different ways. If you want to be more successful you must first go through a period of self-reflection before self-development - identify the areas you think you can improve upon and get to work, here are a few ideas.

Don't think about doing something tomorrow because you don't have time today, act now, right now. You can do something to improve your life at any time, and why waste time until tomorrow, it isn't like it is going to cost you money and you can't afford it, it is about changing the way you do things.

Put down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve, and then when you can see it in front of you in black and white it will focus the mind a lot more. You can then set about looking at the ways you will achieve what you want to.

Other people may be doing what you want to do, so find out some more about them and their motivations and ways of doing it, and that way you re learning from others who have the experience and not re-inventing the wheel. This can be distance learning over the internet, or perhaps more interactively by talking to people you know, and getting a relationship going with people you consider a role model.

Change is the key to progress, so embrace it. The very evolution of mankind is based on change, so you must accept that change is a part of life and when things remain static, there is no progress, no development, and no success. The world is a fast changing place and we must change to match the environment in which we live and work.

A blame culture is not healthy and you should start to take responsibility for the outcomes of your own actions. If something you have been involved in goes wrong, then don't look for a scapegoat, take responsibility and work to how you can do it better next time. Learning from our mistake is how we progress, so don't be afraid of small mistakes.

Many people who question their ability to be successful suffer from low self-esteem so it is important to reflect on your own worth, and list your strengths. You may not be a bull nosed financial trader, but you might be a very good listener. Different situations demand different personality traits and it is key to recognise you strengths so that you can build on them as much as identifying your weaknesses in order to improve upon them.

Realistic goals are useful, impossible goals are counter-productive so ensure you your vision is only just out of reach of your current capabilities and that way you can close the gap without being hugely disappointed by an inevitable failure. Have faith in yourself and believe that you can succeed.

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