Self-Determination/Self-Affirming Beliefs

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

The dictionary defines self-determination as, "determination of one's own fate or a course of action without compulsion; free will."

So, what do we need to cultivate to achieve self- determination?

Freedom to chose in order to do:
what's right, what's most important, and what must happen
Self determination is what you dream and what you want to achieve. It's that burning desire that keeps you moving forward. With self-determination in play, you can:

assess what you can do
take off the blinders others put on you
grow beyond your current known capacity
empower yourself to take control and take action
Self-Affirming Beliefs

To achieve self-determination, here are ten self- affirming beliefs you can internalize and incorporate in your own life to help bolster your self-acceptance and self-trust. They came from Denis Waitley's program The New Dynamics of Winning.

I control my thoughts, emotions and actions and direct them to improve the quality of my health, my relationships, my performance, and my life.
I am a good, valuable, and worthy person.
I am fully capable of achieving the goals that I set for myself today.
I trust my abilities and my judgment in taking risks that will test my limits, willing to live with the consequences and rewards of my decisions.
I am responsible for the values by which I live.
I learn from problems and setbacks, and through them find opportunities for improvement and more personal growth.
My spirit, mind and body are a powerful team which I set free to excel.
I am my own best friend and coach; when I talk to myself I am encouraging, supportive and respectful.
Every day I am becoming more knowledgeable, more aware, more curious, more caring, and more adaptable, more successful and more in control.
Regardless of what happens in my life, I have decided to be happy.

If these beliefs strike a chord with you too, print them out and frame them on your desk; incorporate them into who you are.


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