Self-acceptance - Your Business and the Power of Outsourcing

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

No matter how determined you are, you can't do everything on your own. Even companies of all sizes these days are coming to terms with the realization that, in order to succeed it is better to hand over some of the work. More and more, outsourcing is becoming a popular and financial savior for businesses big and small.

These companies have no qualms about handing over the tasks they feel may be their weaknesses. They gladly face this as self-acceptance, especially since it means greater success for the company. If one were to refuse to accept and hand over the tasks that were their weaknesses and the business failed, is that better than succeeding by identifying and passing over the tasks that are weaknesses? Pretty sure the answer to that question is clear.

If you've read some of the other pieces you may have come across one entitled, Identify and Maximize Your Talents, Embrace Your Weaknesses, And Learn to Leverage. Well, we're going to talk a bit about identifying your strengths and weaknesses here again. Or, better yet, we're not going to talk about it, we're going to emphasize the importance of it.

Carbon Copy Pro doesn't have some of the most successful and highest paid marketers in the world because all those marketers were born that way. Carbon Copy Pro had to develop home business education, marketing education, a comprehensive way to understand matters like a sales funnel system, cutting edge internet marketing and train entrepreneurs to take advantage of home-based business opportunities.

This is not an organization that will leave you to fend for yourself or learn through trial and error. Carbon Copy Pro is intent on developing 100 millionaires by 2012. It's their Millionaires on a Mission goal. That means, the company has a vested interest in each person that becomes part of the elite group of entrepreneurs that goes through their marketing education.

The thing is, once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to determine which areas you may want to consider outsourcing. This enables you to focus on the areas that you know you are good at.

The problem is, we often have to spend more time and effort struggling to work through the areas that are our weaknesses. This results in having less time or energy to focus on and excel in the areas that are our strengths. By going that route, we end up still having the weaknesses but also weakening the areas that should be our strengths.

Outsourcing for the good of your home-based business gives you the ability to maximize your strengths. Multi-million dollar corporations do it, so integrate recognizing and outsourcing your weaknesses as part of your self-acceptance. Commit. Take Action. Live Your Dream. Play Your Best Game.

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