Seemingly Harmless Workplace Hazards

Senior businessman falling on wet floor in front of caution sign

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Do you wake up with a sore back every day? Do you have unexplained cramps in your dominant arm? Most of us develop aches and pains over the years, with no adequate explanation as to why they exist. Doctors will ask about past or recent injuries, but it doesn’t take a traumatic event to create a chronic condition. Everyday items like office chairs can lead to ongoing conditions that require ongoing treatment and even surgery. If you believe you’ve contracted a condition from a workplace hazard, you should consult a workers comp lawyer to assess the extent of your injuries and to determine whether you are entitled to compensation. Here are a just a few “harmless” workplace hazards that may require the attention of work compensation lawyers.

Computer Mouse

Nearly every office job requires the regular use of a computer. And whether you are using a touchpad or a traditional mouse, chances are good that you suffer from wrist pain, tingling fingers, numbness, or worse. Some of these problems can be avoided through preventative measures like ergonomic designs or stabilizing supports, but some can turn into chronic, ongoing issues. Contact a team of work compensation lawyers to determine the best course of action, including which doctor would provide the best treatment and which claims to file.


Sitting hunched over a keyboard all day can lead to poor posture, which results in a number of health conditions. If you type regularly at your workplace, you can develop back pain, wrist and forearm pain, or worse. Discuss any injuries with your doctor or work injuries lawyer to determine the best course of action. Be sure to include any paperwork between you and the Human Resources Department at your company related to requests for less harmful equipment.


Office chairs may change in height, but they are by no means a one-size-fits-all design, particularly when your desk comes into play. Sitting with your feet dangling off the edge can result in lower spine injuries, while sitting too high above your desk can result in neck injuries from looking down all day. If your employer fails to address such issues, you are more than entitled to compensation. Discuss this matter with a work injuries lawyer, including photos of your positioning, your doctor’s diagnosis, and other critical details pertinent to your case. If surgery or other intervention is required, your workers comp lawyers should be able to acquire an agreeable payment during your recuperation period.


If sliding door tracks or hinged door thresholds aren’t adequately marked, they can easily lead to injuries. Trips can result in minor injuries like bruises and stubbed toes, or more intensive damage such as spinal injuries and sprains, all of which may be considered relevant claims by workers comp lawyers. Even if the doorways are clearly marked, you may still be entitled to compensation, depending on the circumstances of your accident. A good workers comp lawyer will let you know whether or not your case would stand in a court of law.

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