Secrets To Using Assertive Body Language

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

One gift that was given to human beings is language. It helps us contribute experiences to other people, learn from others, and permits us to communicate and preserve ideas and thoughts which future generations can share. On the other hand, language is not the only method to communicate and language separates people from other creatures on the surface of the earth.

Language is low on the list of methods in gathering information from the environment. The two common things that we have with other creatures such as animals are eyes and body language. Body language then is truly one effective way in communicating not only to other people but to the animal world as well.

The language of the human body is considered to play an essential part in interpersonal skills. Controlling and understanding how to utilize the body is really important in communicating with other people.

Secrets to using assertive body language include slowing down, opening up, walking well, using barriers, and using levels. Speed in general indicates impatience and nervousness. The garbled speech will be harder for other people to understand what you really want to say. Thus, learn to speak slowly with measured tones. Keep your arms, feet, and hands still when listening.

Crossing legs and arms signifies secretive, defensive, and unapproachable. A frown too can make an impression that you are in a bad mood or angry. In talking, uncross your legs and arms, raise your chin, and take the palms to face up. This body language will display that you are prepared to listen to other people.
Walking is also a part of body language. In order to show that you are alert, active, and in control, swing your arms and maintain a firm stride. How you walk will determine how you believe in yourself and how other people you meet react to you.


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