Secret of Success: Effortless Success is Fiction at its Best

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Do you want a fundamental secret of success? And do you want to rid yourself of an idea that's keeping you from getting what you want?

Know this today: effortless success does not exist

Effortless success is an elusive and fantastic creature. If only it existed. Our culture craves instant gratification and we want the easy path to fame and fortune. We don't want to work for our dreams. We purchase lottery tickets and really hope we win, because that's easier than investing our money and replicating the action steps taken by those who consistently bring wealth into their lives. And watching the "reality" of other people's problems on TV is much easier than working on shoring up the quality of our own relationships.

The truth is there is no effortless success. Success requires action. It does not and can not exist without it. Action is a powerful secret of success. When we stop thinking about what we want and actually move to get it, then an entire world of possibilities and opportunities open up to help us in our quest.

Create the illusion of effortless success

But why is taking action such a difficult thing for so many people? We allow ourselves to believe certain things, to have ideas that we consider to be truths, but in reality these "truths" often don't exist anywhere but in our subconscious. And our subconscious can keep us in a state of nowhere-ness and stagnation if we let our mind entertain the wrong thoughts. We're certainly not getting any closer to living the life we desire because we're not doing anything but think about our problems (and who and what's responsible for them because it's certainly not us!). Therefore, step number one in taking action is to master your attitude. You call the shots. When fear, pessimism, anger, jealousy, cynicism and other unproductive thoughts enter your mind, get rid of them as fast as they came in. They don't serve you well. Successful people don't waste time on unproductive thoughts. Cynics don't enjoy success. If you don't believe this, ask yourself if negative beliefs, feelings and ideas have gotten you anywhere in the past.

Then, take a step. Any step. However small it may be, you'll be moving toward your goals. Remember, success values action. It doesn't care how small. If fear keeps you from moving, keep in mind that fear is a byproduct of your subconscious and your internal beliefs. It does not serve you so don't let it dictate what you can and cannot do. Once you take a step, and then another and another, you'll find that it becomes easier to do. And you'll realize that your fears have no basis in reality. Action is reality. And while there is no effortless success, once you get in the habit of taking action, your success will almost seem effortless. At least it will appear that way to everyone else sitting around merely dreaming about success.

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