Schooled for Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Success University - the name sounds like a big pie in the sky brick and mortar location. It's not. It sounds like it might be a scam too. It's not.

What Success University is all about is a virtual and occasionally face to face gathering of 50 personal fulfillment and financial success experts who teach Success University students about how to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Instructors include renowned speaker Les Brown, who is also a noted author and TV personality. This Success University mentor delivers a message to the students about shaking off your mediocrity and learning to achieve greatness. Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling and many other audio-cassette motivational and self-help programs, teaches personal effectiveness and how to develop your complete potential. Jeffrey Combs is an expert in direct selling and network marketing. He passes on his secrets of success to university students, as he teaches them to readers of his More Heart than Talent book and audio program. Jay Abraham is a highly successful marketing consultant and passes on his wisdom at Success University.

Unstoppable is the name of the motivational book by Cynthia Kersey. She teaches how to fulfill dreams at Success University; as does Robert Allen, who is renowned the world over for his financial expertise. The noted author has two best sellers to his credit. They are "Multiple Streams of Income," and "The One Minute Millionaire."

One of the most impassioned and sought after speakers in the world today teaches at Success University. Doug Firebaugh has been doing so for nearly ten years, talking and writing about network marketing.

At Success University you'll learn about relationships. You might say that what Success University teaches you about relationships is the modern day Dale Carnegie method of winning friends and influencing people.

You'll become an expert at approaching new people without discomfort of awkwardness, making them your friends, strengthening your own family ties, and succeeding through your networking and motivating and management of people.

At Success University you learn many things. Here you learn to achieve financial success - whatever that means to you. Your financial success might mean great wealth or just enough to live worry free. Success University teaches you about finding the right investments, growing a successful business, managing your money well, and getting yourself positioned to make the maximum amount of money you can. What you'll learn at Success University will help you achieve optimum health and well being, with more enthusiasm and greater energy. You'll find that your body is in great shape and you have a new zest for living. Sales and marketing skills will be enhanced through Success University, where you'll learn to take that great idea of yours and make a successful company from it.

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