Sales Training: Curiosity

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Curiosity is the uncovering mechanism to new discoveries. What new sales discoveries can you make this week? Is it driving a new way through your territory and possibly finding some new customers, is it discovering some new sales closing technique that you have never tried before, or maybe it is discovering a fresh way to connect and build rapport with an old time customer. Well, I challenge you to be curious this week. It might be just the thing to boost your sales career to the next level.

Let me ask you a question. What is it that motivates someone to face tremendous challenges to uncover the unknown? What is it that has made Star Trek so popular? Why has NASA sent probes to explore the planets? The answer is curiosity. The human being is a curious creature. We have a burning desire to know what is unknown. And it is this curiosity that brings about new discoveries, new inventions, new insights, and new benefits for the human race.

In May of 1803, the United States became twice as large when it purchased all of Louisiana from Napoleon. The cost of the land was $15 million, which worked out to be around four cents an acre. Nobody knew exactly what was bought from Napoleon. What was on this land? Where did it lead? Was it a good buy?

Months before the land was purchased, President Jefferson had the wisdom to ask Congress for $2,500 to fund an expedition to explore the West. President Jefferson now chose Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition. Lewis selected William Clark as his co-commander.

After 28 months of exploring the wild unknown, Lewis and Clark and their band of adventurers returned with only one casualty. It wasn't the rough terrain that killed this man. It wasn't the battles with Indians. It wasn't a wild creature like a grizzly bear or a mountain lion. It was an attack of appendicitis.

Overall, the journey was a tremendous success. The journals they kept and the specimens they collected were of undetermined value. Their curiosity flamed the adventurous spirit in America, which urged her to push westward.

Curiosity is the uncovering mechanism to new discoveries. What are you curious about? What unknown would you like to know? Well, the adventure is before you. All you have to do is start the journey. Take that first step today into a larger sales world.

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