Safe Cure For Panic Attacks And Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Addressing and acting on emotional stress is a natural cure for panic attacks. Learning to control your emotions and stress might sound difficult but it is really about changing certain habits and behaviors. Each person is unique, however common stress factors for many people include, work, relationships and money. Stress can also be caused by minor factors that build up and can have detrimental effects on our emotional behavior such as being stuck in traffic or having a bad day at work.
We can sometimes feel that things are spiraling out of control, especially when we begin to suffer mental or physical problems caused by stress. Symptoms of stress often cause others to start, causing a cycle of emotional and physical problems like migraine, muscle tension, indigestion, chest pains and fatigue.

Stress in short is bad news and is also one of the biggest causes of anxiety disorders. Recognizing and relieving stress is beneficial for health and can reduce the risk of physical and mental illnesses. Some of us choose to disregard the symptoms of stress or simply don't know how to deal with it.

Stressful experiences and negative reactions to those experiences can become ingrained into our psyche. These factors can lead to negative behavior patterns which are difficult to change and break out of. Anxiety disorders like social anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder are often the result of negative conditioning.

As stress builds up it can have gradual changes on our behaviors and physical health which aren't always obvious. Learning to identify stress and listen to the body's need to alleviate stress can help reduce the harmful effects. We need to change ourselves so that we improve our ability to deal with life's stresses. Small Adjustments to daily routine and habits is an effective preemptive cure for panic attacks.

Emotional Freedom Technique has been shown to effectively deal with stress, anxiety and tension and easily applied to give immediate relief in some cases. When it comes to how to stop a panic attack, EFT is a simple and natural method that addresses both the physical and emotional symptoms effectively.

Stress is an overproduction of adrenalin and other hormones, when these hormones are not expelled quick enough, we may experience a spike or an anxiety attack. It's important for us to expel these stress hormones. Apart from EFT, physical exercise is also one of the best ways to burn off stress hormones and adrenaline. What's more, exercise can help release emotional stress, making it an effective cure for panic attacks.

When a person is suffering from prolonged anxiety and stress they are more prone to developing psychological health conditions. Some people wake up and feel that they are not in control of their thoughts and emotions, and they might wake up in a bad mood, with negative thoughts about themselves and the rest of their day.

Most people don't realize that they can change the way they think and feel and essentially reprogram themselves. Of course you shouldn't feel like you have to go alone, since seeking support from family and friends can help you get through anxiety and stress. Don't be afraid to get professional anxiety help either since psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have helped thousands of individuals with anxiety cope and even overcome their disorder.



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