Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Feeling sadness while not understanding why is sometimes the results of having too several accumulated issues in your head to the extent that you simply don’t know that one amongst them is that the real reason for your unhappy feelings or depression.

Some folks shake resolution their issues by mistreatment medicine, others shake them by sleeping whereas a 3rd class escapes by going into a brand new relationship

There square measure many ways that individuals use to bury their issues deeper in their heads however the subconscious mind ne'er provides up and it'll forever reply back by causation a a lot of intense unhappy feeling so as to wake them up.

The pain caused by unhappiness will be a tangible physical expertise. Some folks could feel actual pain in their chest and heart. Their body could method the pain within the same approach that the person describes their expertise, as in heart-broken, gutted, sick to the abdomen, choked. Extreme pain will become a tangible expert within the body. usually we've to contend with the explanation for the unhappiness, maybe through counsel, before the physical pain is cured.

Sadness is really creating some kinds of negative energy in the surroundings. It will affect all the people around the sad person. Thinking about the positive things is the only one idea to get freedom from all kinds of problems.

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