Reology and Consciousness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 11, 2013

Because we see ourselves as physical creatures, despite the obviousness of how the majority of our experience in this physical perspective is actually subjective, it becomes, at least initially, very difficult to actually comprehend the true nature of the reality we are part of and how it is all 100% subjective. Matter that cannot be actually perceived as matter except in some instant of observation means we, as physical creatures cannot be seen as such outside this observation instant. The brains we believe are the command and control center of our physical experience can only appear physically real the instant our observations include our physical identity. Amazingly, we cannot even have an observation independent of our physical identity.

This means our perceptive ability, our ability to observe, is independent of physical form. There would be no way for us to have any experience if this conscious ability were not independent of physical form, as it would preclude our ability to be able to be observers in the first place. You cannot be physical identity and then be an observer. The observation must come "first". Sensory physiology and Quantum Mechanics confirms this. Instead, all experience and all physical forms (including our own) are totally dependent on the ability to observe. If we must first be observed before we can appear as physical creatures, and our individual ability to observe is independent of physical form yet inherently involves observations that by default include our physical identity, where is the observation that creates both our individual observation ability and mandated physical identity coming from? Who is making the observation that creates and enables us to be observers? Someone has to, because we cannot observe ourselves until we are observed. Yes, it sounds like psycho babble, but it's not. It is reality.

It might be tempting to conclude at this point that we each are our own pre-physical observers; that our true identity is one of pure consciousness. All things with the ability to observe would therefore have to have their own conscious identity as well from which they originate. It would be like we each are created by our own god identity, and those aspects of physical identity less capable then we are from their own sub god identity. Such a notion might have credibility if it were not for Quantum Entanglement, among other ideas.

Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon that is inherent in the observation of matter that demonstrates all material identity is aware of and in communication with each other in a way that transcends time and space.

An electron on one side of the universe "knows" what another electron on the other side of the universe is doing at the moment of an observation, so that both electrons show themselves as physical identity at this instant of observation. The fact these electrons are separated by billions of light years is inconsequential. The fact that they both know the instant of observation simultaneously makes the speed of light look like a stop sign, yet the speed of light is supposed to be the fastest speed possible. Obviously something travels faster, and it can cover any distance instantaneously.

While scientifically this is a paradox, the obvious answer is that reality actually is supported by the omnipresence of consciousness. It isn't the electrons that are entangled; it is the foundation of reality being consciousness that just makes identity appear to be entangled. Think of the universe. Think how one side is billions or trillions of light years away from the other side. Now think about traversing this distance. You just traveled from one side of the universe to the other in the instant of that conscious thought. Forget that you didn't experience travel the way you are used to experiencing it as a physical illusion. One only seems more real then the other because of how our cognitive ability defines them; we see physical travel as real with details and events that take time, and the other as imaginative with little or no idea of what details to include with our perception. Both only occur subjectively in our conscious awareness.

What does this have to do with us each being our own god or not? If all things that have identity are entangled because of the absolute foundation of reality being "built" upon consciousness, then such a consciousness must be absolute; it must be infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in order to establish, organize, and enable reality to appear to exist as it does. This precludes any individual god ability we might otherwise possess. For our own consciousness to exist, it must be created by the universal consciousness, the Original Observer that makes everything possible.

Consciousness then is an absolute attribute of all existence and works with and within itself to create all the identity that exists, regardless whether it is part of a physical illusion or not. The relationships and interactions that each of these identities conform to are determined by the limitations their individual consciousness allows.

For example, the consciousness that defines the identity of quarks limits the variations a quark can appear as, as well as the number of combinations it can appear in, and their ability to form newer identity. This newer identity is limited to the proton and neutron, which each have their own unique consciousness that establishes their roles in reality accordingly. These in turn form newer conscious identity, and along with the conscious identity we call electrons, form identity called atoms. It is the idea of the quarks that create protons and neutrons. It is the idea of protons and neutrons, along with the idea of electrons, that form atoms, then elements, and subsequently the idea of every thing that exists as its own unique identity, whether it is a rock, a plant, a human, or a galaxy. Because the idea, or consciousness, of each identity is unique to itself, there can never be duplicity. No two of anything can ever be exactly alike; Reology's Many Worlds in one world view.

As far fetched as this may first appear, this is exactly the process we use to invent and create with. We get an idea of how to accomplish something. We take an idea of an identity from one place and the idea of an identity from another, and soon have a combination of ideas that forms the idea and identity of a totally new thing. Before we can have this new thing however, we have to depend on our ability to use our conscious cognitive process to think up, discover, organize, alter, and design all the ideas of identities (the parts) needed to make our new creation. From these ideas, we find these identities in physical reality and modify them to create our new invention. This applies to things we build, recipes we create, art, and every single activity in which we endeavor. The conscious foundation of reality is just being mirrored in the physical illusion. They are one and the same.

Here some definitions might better help us comprehend the absoluteness of consciousness. We only need to define sentience, self awareness, and cognition where consciousness is the absolute or ultimate state of being. This Conscious State is what creates all identity, to which each is given self awareness.

Self awareness is just that, the ability to be aware of the self's identity. This is what enables the idea of a thing to appear as that thing. The idea of an electron is what makes the electron appear as it does, and each electron is aware of this. Because of self awareness, this electron "knows" it is the only electron like itself. This is true for all identity on an individual basis, from the least idea to the greatest, from a photon to a human to a galaxy.

Also to each identity, the Conscious State imparts sentience, or the ability of each thing to be able to perceive other things. Through self awareness and sentience, each identity can form with certain other identity according the limitations and rules the Conscious State designs. This is what Quantum Entanglement is.

Last but not least, the Conscious State imparts cognition. This is the ability to think, or rather create, discover, organize, alter, and design even newer identity. The Conscious State is the Original Observer therefore. It observes all identity into physical reality, and these identities conform to the behavior and intent for which they were designed. We humans are the identity that is given a limited form of the Conscious State's Omniscience in the form of cognitive ability.

Where can we find evidence of such a Conscious State or Original Observer? Unfortunately science has no clue, or rather insists on seeking more scientific explanation, which coincidentally (not), just keeps bringing us closer and closer to the only real documented evidence we have of creation; the Bible. Science does however elaborate on God's abilities more explicitly then the Bible does. It has shown us the incomprehensible relationships things have with one another in order to validate the physical illusion. Just trying to comprehend the Quantum levels of reality is beyond our capacity. Now factor in evolution and genetics so that these all can be explained based upon universal laws, and we just begin to get a glimpse of just how incredibly omniscient God actually is. What about all the intricacies we haven't discovered yet that are part of God's blueprint of reality? Essentially science just keeps discovering how God does it.

Why God of the Bible? Why a God from a book that has its share of contradictions and seeming discrepancies? Because it is the only evidence we have of what happened in the beginning, what existed before this beginning, and scriptures that describe aspects of Quantum Mechanics, the illusion of perception, and the nature of both a physical and non physical reality. It's also withstanding the test of "time", far more successfully then any other philosophy or belief system. Truth tends to be enduring, regardless of who does or does not accept it.

Herein lies the power to choose. As integral a part of God's design of reality as any other, is our ability to choose what we wish to believe. This choice would not even be possible if it were not part of His design.

This is the Reology of Consciousness.


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