Reminder Drivers: Be Alert And Be Alive

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

All the streets and all the roads would soon be filled with vehicles. After all, the United States is going to commemorate Memorial Day and that would mean a long weekend for most citizens. Many would be sure taking advantage of that free time to go on a sweet and quick vacation somewhere else.
Excited as you may be, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is quick to remind all motorists and drivers that it is important for all to be safe while on the road. After all, statistics from this organization have shown that this is one of the most deadly times for drivers. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) actively joins the NHTSA in reminding everybody about the importance of staying alert when behind the wheel so as to stay alive.
Richard Gelula is the chief head for the NSF and he affirms, "Many people fail to realize just how much sleep impacts alertness on the roadways. Not getting a good night's sleep and driving can have deadly consequences. In fact, drowsy driving may be just as dangerous as drunk driving because sleepiness results in slower reaction times and performance; reduced judgment and vision; delayed information processing and short term memory formation; and even increased anger and moodiness."
Such a statement is furthermore backed up by statistics from the NHTSA. The data reflects that one of the major causes of crashes each year is driver fatigue. Gelula expounds on this, "Drowsy driving risks the life of not only the driver, but the lives of their passengers - family and friends - and other drivers on the road. The disastrous effects of fatigue-related crashes can easily be prevented; all it takes is for people to recognize the problem and get off the road."

So if you are on the road and you start to feel your eyes droop, then the best remedy would be for you to pull over and take that quick nap. Never mind if you just got those quality Nissan CV boots to help you out drive well. Do not try to be a hero by trying to beat that feeling for you are only endangering yourself, your passengers, and the rest of the motorists on the road.

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