Reiki, a Tough Tool for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Today, the interest in alternative drugs is growing quickly. Among the massive number of healing modalities available, we find that Reiki has become more preferred around the globe, particularly since science has confirmed the existence of the universal life energy that Reiki is based fully on. Reiki is a hard holistic healing system, it heals on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and non secular. So what's Reiki? The term Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It's a simple and simply bought healing plan that uses universal life energy, the energy which permeates our entire universe and all living things.

This universal life energy is named qi or chi in China, prana in India, and ki in Japan and this is where the Reiki name derives. It circulates across the body and in an energy field surrounding the body. This energy field, long been known to healers and mystics, is now set by scientists. Latest methodical experiments have confirmed the existence of this life force energy. So this complex energy is in charge of the techniques in our body on all levels: physical, emotional and psychological. Reiki channels universal life energy through the hands of the expert into the body of the receiver and balances the energy flow in the body.

The body isn't made from isolated parts to be fixed, like a machine, there are no separate parts, but an extraordinary net of energy, and to truly return to health, all of the levels of our being must be addressed. Reiki works on four different levels: The physical level: Reiki reinforces the protection mechanism. It balances and harmonizes the function of glands and organs. It heals by opening the blocked energy channels, the meridians, and balances the chakras.

When performed ceaselessly, poisons are removed from the body and good health and happiness is maintained. Folk who are depressed or don't feel emotionally balanced begin to feel more steady and relaxed because Reiki clears energy blockages and suppressed emotions. The mental level: Through giving yourself Reiki, you get more clearness and find it simpler to beat obstacles and achieve goals. You become more positive and reach a different outlook on life. You are feeling more empowered.

The non secular level: Reiki allows you go deeper within and feel more hooked up to your higher self. It assists meditation, increases intuition and provides limitless advantages of non secular expansion. Reiki is simple yet so powerful, and this is what makes it a singular healing system that any one can learn, because it doesn't require any previous experience or special capability.

The benefits of Reiki are infinite. It allows you take an active part in your own wellness, and accelerates your enlargement on all levels.



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