Reduce Your Weight By Using Garlic

Benefits of Garlic

Dr. Purushothaman
December 29, 2017

Garlic and its benefits are known by everyone and it has been used for many ages. It is popular as an agent that boosts up the metabolism and for decreasing the pressure of the blood. But most people do not know that garlic is also good for reducing the body weight. While consuming garlic, you will be able to get the benefits of it and also get yourself a slim and slender body. Those who are trying to lose their pounds can try consuming garlic. You can add garlic to your regular healthy diet for better results.

Garlic and weight loss

There were a lot of researches done on the benefits of Garlic and its effects upon weight loss. A research conducted in Korea on mice for seven weeks proved that garlic was better in losing weight. It has to be understood that this consumes a bit of time. Garlic is very good for the health of the body, as it prevents heart diseases, apart from making you lose excess pounds.

Using Garlic for Weight loss

If you need to gain the benefits of garlic, then you should check out the following factors carefully. First of all, you need to crush it and allow it to rest for around 10 minutes. Garlic has enzymes in it which gets lost while cooking. Hence crushing it and consuming after a few minutes will allow the enzymes to ooze out and give you better benefits. Garlic can also be used as a salad dressing. When you add garlic to your daily food, you will be able to gain its benefits.

Black garlic available in the market is the dried form of regular garlic. You need not crush and use it as it. All you have to do is simply use it directly on the food you eat. Pink Garlic is a sweet garlic. Elephant garlic on the other hand is bigger in size than the regular garlic. While buying garlic, make sure that there are no black marks or spots on it to ensure freshness. You can also choose to use powdered garlic if you do not prefer the procedures like chopping or crushing.

Benefits of Garlic other than weight loss

Garlic helps in cutting short your body fat. But its benefits are more than that. It is good enough to protect you from cancer and heart diseases. Garlic has a whole lot of vitamins and minerals in it. Getting the benefits of allicin is possible when you prefer to eat raw garlic. Allicin is destroyed when you cook garlic or when it is heated.

Garlic has compounds that are helpful in lowering the bad cholesterol and helps in increasing the good cholesterol. All you need to do is consume it for a few months. It also helps in preventing cancer. Garlic is good in preventing cancers such as esophageal cancers, lung cancers and colon cancers. It actually kills the bacteria that are the reasons for these cancers.

Side effects of Garlic

Apart from its long list of benefits, garlic does have a number of side effects too.

  • The main side effect that we find in garlic consumption is that too much garlic can bring your blood pressure down. Though it is good in building up the good cholesterol, we must understand the fact that too much of raw garlic consumption is not good for the health.
  • Never use garlic to peel. Applying a thick paste on the skin can cause scorch marks.
  • Eating raw garlic will cause heartburn. It can upset your stomach too. Even though it is good to eat raw garlic, make sure that you just toss it with hot oil before consumption. A little bit of heat on it can save you from heart burn.
  • Garlic is considered safe during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding period. But it is not safe for a pregnant woman or a feeding mother to consume garlic in large number.
  • Garlic increases bleeding. Those who have undergone surgeries should stop eating raw garlic until the wound heals.

After knowing the positives and negatives of consuming garlic, you will be able to make use of the benefits of garlic for the choosing your way to healthy life.

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